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How to prestige in mw2 fast without playing all day?

I want to prestige without using a j tag

And playing all day how

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    Play objective games like search&destroy or headquarter or just keep playing and playing an playing and playing

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    Your going to have to play for a long time to rank up all the way. Search and destroy can get you a crapload of XP if you do good but the downfall is If you do bad then you get barely any XP. Second would probably headquarters

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  • 9 years ago

    they don't really do 10th prestige lobbies anymore in that game so there's really no way to prestige any faster than the way you're already playing.

    Sorry but it's get a j-tag or get rid of your life lol

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  • You cant you have to play the game legit or get into a 10th lobby but i think they stopped them and u get banned if ur in 1. Play headquarters.

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