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Will my aussie puppy keep her eye color?

I am about to adopt a 3 1/2 month old australian shepherd puppy. she is red and white (solid not merle) and her eyes are green. im not sure about the mother dog but the father is merle with bright blue eyes. What age do puppies eye color change and will my puppys eyes stay green??

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    I am not sure but I think the eyes stay the same . Only when they are born and able to open their eyes do they look like a dark blue but they change say after about a month.

    Now my great dane had blue eyes at 8 weeks and they are still the same to this day and she is 2.

    My other great dane had dark eyes and his eyes are still dark and he is 8 so if the color is green now, they will possibly stay green.

    Normally they stay the color they are after 8 weeks so there may be no change.

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    Green eyes are more common in red Aussies, but even then they're not really all that common.

    My guess is that her eyes will gradually change over to brown and that the greenish color is them doing just that.

    However, it's certainly possible. Here's a link on Aussie eye colors:

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    Australian Shepherd Eye Color

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