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How do i get into crab fishing on the bearing?

I am very interested in Alaskan crab fishing but i couldn't find any good online resources as well I'm a Canadian so i think i would need a work visa also if any one has any good advice or knowledge please share thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am an Alaskan but not a commercial fisherman. However many of my friends are. The real way to get on a crew is by showing up at the dock when the boat is gearing up to go out. This means travel and cash to hold you over until you back from sea and get paid. You will have to find a place to stay while you go to the dock every day to talk to skippers. Spend time there, be handy and early. After you get to know some people an opportunity will come up.

    Some captains have good catches others don’t. Since you get paid a percentage you need to be on the boat that brings in their quota.

    Here is a link about this;

    Here are links of where to get started;

    You MUST get experience as a deck hand before any crab boat will take you in the Bering. Those links explain why.

    And just something to think on, I have lost a few friends who did that for a living. And they had decades of experience. They died at sea, crab fishing. When they say it’s dangerous, they aren’t kidding.

    I know many who come fram Canada to work here. Not sure of whats needed for that.

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