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How can feminists justify their rush to judgment in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case?

"Rushing to judgment before any substantial investigation or trial, and aided and abetted by a New York Police Department and a prosecutor bent on re-election, they recklessly trashed the reputation of one man for their own ideological ends, even making bizarre links with France's burka ban.

In their eyes, Dominique Strauss-Kahn had become the grotesque symbol of all that was rotten in the state of patriarchy (and especially in "sexist" France) and therefore not worthy of the minimum presumption of innocence before proved guilty."

Emma-Kate Symons, "Feminists exposed by rush to judgment," The Australian July 04, 2011

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    Hysteria is an important part of ideology: the leaders incite the hatred, gain followers, gain power and money.

    The followers enjoy the mindless emotional thrill of lynch-mob psychology.

    In the very similar case of the Duke la crosse players [n3gro accuser w/ a criminal background; the accused players were from comfortable middle-class backgrounds, and all white], the "outraged" feminists actually held shrieking, mid-night, torchlite marches.

    All the stale ideological slogans were trotted out: "Racism!" "Sexism!" "Classism!" "Male Hegemonists!" "Patriarchists!" "White male supremacists!" "Oppression of women!"

    The case against the players was beyond grossly unjust, it was downright criminal and the prosecutor went to jail over it.


    NYTimes Editorial:

    “Albany, NY, is ruled by big money.

    Any person or group w/ money can buy access, block reforms & write their own laws.”


    Twenty years after they were struck down, NYC continues to enforce its loitering laws, charging thousands illegally, judge finds.

    ----------------- NYC paid more than $500 million over the last five yrs in settlements and judgments against NYPD...

    The number of claims for offenses like false arrest and brutality has surged by 43 percent over the last five years; in 2010, 8,104 claims were filed and $136 million was paid out," City Comptroller John Liu found.


    NYPD crime lab tech mislabels drug-test results and is suspended w/o pay as DA’s scramble to check integrity of hundreds, maybe thousands of drug cases.


    Federal Judge in NYC denounces Brooklyn prosecutor’s handling of a case as “shameful,” and orders a man freed after 15 years in prison and his record expunged.


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    There was no "feminist rush to judgment". That's a straw man, and a pretty flimsy one at that.

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    Didn't you hear that the maid's case was partailly lies

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