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Things to do in Stockholm Sweden?

I going to Stockholm Sweden with a few friends and were staying with my parents friends. Were all under 18. Are there still parties and like teen clubs we can go to?

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    Stockholm nightlife is, in one word, vibrant. There are rock concerts, techno clubs, classical concerts, opera and ballet, performances of all kinds. And if you are happy with a tasty meal in one of the city's numerous restaurants or just having a beer in a café, you won’t be disappointed either. Going out here has it all.

    In summer Stockholm nightlife goes outdoors with open-air concerts in Kungsträdgården and in the amusement park Gröna Lund.

    Another popular area to go for pubs and clubs is Södermalm (Götgatan and surrounding streets). House music, soul, techno, hip-hop: you can dance the whole night long, in small smoky bars and big trendy nightclubs.

    However you might also need a membership card for some of those bars/clubs..

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