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Know any good female Japanese R&B singers?

My fam is moving to Japan where I haven't lived since I was a baby. But I don't know any singers there. Would like to know a few that are close to some of the American R&B artists I listen to.

My favorite by FAR is Alicia Keys. I love songs that use the piano a lot, that are sad or depressing, but I also like ones with a catchy beat that are more happy.

I am really looking for someone who just uses the piano a lot, as well as sythesizers and electronic sounds too but who has a good voice.

I do know of Crystal Kay, but that is the only artists I know. Oh, if you know any songs by Crystal Kay just on the piano, would LOVE to know them, thanks.

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    Angela Aki uses the piano in her songs, A LOT.

    I love her songs very much. =)

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    Angela Aki - Tegami Kokia - Arigatou Ai Otsuka - planetarium <3 Hikaru Utada - are you able to maintain a secret Hikaru Utada - previous love Hikaru Utada - traveling Utada Hikaru - without end Miho Fukuhara -enable It Out physique spray - One Room Disco Yui - Rolling great call Yui - existence Namie Amuro - combat jointly i'm hoping you like them :) Mihuad ##

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