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King's quest vs Space Quest vs Police Quest?

I am thinking about buying one of these 3 collections off of Amazon, and which one should I buy? I've played other adventure games (Gabriel Knight,the Indiana Jones one) and I liked them a lot, so I think I will like any of these 3 collections. I'm pretty sure most modern gamers haven't even heard of any of these series, so if you haven't heard of any of these, please don't answer this question. In addition in to telling me which collection I should buy, please tell me why I should, thank you!

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    King's Quest Collection series continues to represent the best of gaming on many levels. Modern game companies have, for whatever reason, turned away from this particular genre in favor of hack-and-slash action games. There is much here for avid gamers of all ages, however. In spite of what continues to dominate the current video game market, a large fan base still prefers these sorts of games, as evidenced by their loyal following. Older versions of single episodes of KQ sell for outrageous sums on internet marketplaces, and are not always compatible with modern machines.


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    I personally like police quest but I think in order

    (1) KQ

    (2) SQ

    (3) PQ

    (4) HQ/QFG (Hero's Quest aka Quest for Glory)

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