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Does anyone believe that there are natural healing methods for cancer, or even researched it?

I just wonder what the mindset is about it in a world now committed to the practice of medicine, with doctors up there with god...yet natural healing was used for millenium before med sc made the scene. I found this great website: www.cancertutor.com of which I spent over 50 hours studying. My dad had cancer and the doctors could not save him, I wanted to help him but my family is full of doctors and nurses that would not even read my research. I used a method, pro not the best choice on comfort, with a black salve containing bloodroot which made a bloodless hole and brought a tumor I had out an a bandaid 24 days later! I would not believe it myself if I did not have the tumor in a jar of alcohol in my cupboard. Does anyone believe this? Or ever thought about the possibilities? I know some people get better with doctors help, I know of three people, but my most treasured people, my dad and adopted brother, the doctors did not help, I don't think they really hurt my dad, but my brother had had his cancer for years, and when he went through the treatments, he was dead in less that three months. What are your thoughts?

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  • lo_mcg
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    9 years ago
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    Yes I've researched it - and for a lot longer than 50 hours.

    No, I don't believe there are any known 'natural' ways to cure it.

    Cancertutor.com is a bastion of quackery.

    Sorry, but you asked - no, I don't believe you successfully removed a treatment with black salve; a salve cannot 'bring out' a tumour, however small and near the skin it is. Nobody with the slightest knowledge of tumours could believe for one moment that it could.

    There have been reports that infections, scarring,and ulceration in people who've attempted to treat cancer with corrosive salves.

    Would you mind telling us what type of cancer you had, and its grade and stage?

    I researched alternatives because I was terrified and desperate to avoid harsh treatments for my stage 3 cancer. My reluctant conclusion was that no 'alternative' or 'natural' treatment had been proven to be effective against any type or even case of cancer, anywhere, ever.

    I went the conventional, proven route. Have been in remission with no sign of cancer for seven years

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  • Tink
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    9 years ago

    Problem with it, is that a) the skin growths always return b) it has other harmful consequences.... If you take a look in Pubmed, researchers trying to figure some way to use it since the 30's. Shoot, a journal came out about pretty recently that might interest you


    I worked in the cancer center (that's where my desk was, I worked in another department) and I can tell you that they had stacks of journals on the subject. The problem is, research results don't translate into real life results.

    One example off the top of my head - there is a mushroom that prevents tumors from growing new blood vessels (that's how they stay alive and grow) problem is, that in order for it to "work" in humans, you would have to eat close to 50 pounds a day of the stuff, and it would kill the liver and kidneys in the process.

    Yes, researchers have been working tirelessly in order to find a cure for cancer, and they surely don't overlook researching natural substances in that quest - - after all, 25% of the drugs we use now are derived from natural substances, however - - as it stands there are no natural substances that will destroy cancer without killing the host. Most of the work in that field is on isolating, and modifying substances into highly sophisticated drugs that maximize benefit and minimalize harmful side effects.

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  • 4 years ago

    There are so many things one can do to improve with COPD! Alternative medicine for COPD is a good place to start. It can be reversed, I read about a man who had to have oxygen and he got off it completely using nutrition and other methods. My aunt has lived with it for 20 years, but is getting worse because she won t find out how to get better. Green Tea is so beneficial for those with lung problems and asthma. I used to have asthma, and I no longer have any problem with it, none at all. I started taking at least 2,000 mg. of vitamin C every day, and sometimes more. I take garlic and eat onions both of which are excellent for the lungs and healing.

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  • JLI
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    9 years ago

    A few studies have been done to see what happens to breast cancer patients who chose alternative therapy instead of conventional treatment. These studies show that the risk of progression/death significantly increases - most notably in those who refuse surgery, but also in those who refuse additional radio-chemotherapy. None of the cancers shrunk during alternative therapy.

    You can read the summaries of those studies here:




    On the internet there are many claims of miraculous "natural" cancer cures that are being suppressed. Here some of them are listed, with links to sites explaining what is wrong with them: http://anaximperator.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/supp...

    I fully understand the wish to do something. But sometimes palliative treatment really is better than alternative therapy in terms of quality of life: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199104253...

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