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YWWE Raw pick winners and rate matches and show?

Edge opens the special 3 hr July 4th show. He says Raw GM Abraham Washington screwed him ONCE AGAIN. He has stated that he wants his WWE title rematch time and time again and yet Honest Abe won't give it to him. On second thought maybe Washington isn't so honest. No he isn't. He promised Edge a WWE title shot once he defended the World Tag Team Championships with that idiot Steve Austin at NOC. But did Abe make good on his word? No. He didn't. He did however give Edge a match against the WWE Champion, though it is not for the title. So he got screwed. But tonight when he pins AJ Styles, that will show Abe and the World why he deserves the WWE Championship

1. Samoa Joe, Kaz & "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels v JBL, Wade Barrett & David Otunga

2. Owen Hart w/ Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart v Muhammed Hassan w/ Eric Young, Daivari, Naito, Yujiro, Essa Rios & Taka Michinoku (Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion Interpromotional Match)

3. Rey Mysterio v Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya, David Hart Smith & Jackson Andrews (X-Division Champion vs Cruiserweight Champion Interpromotional Match)

CM Punk Comes out with the Straight Edge Society. He says he has waited a week before revealing why he attacked Triple H at NOC effectivly putting him out of action. The reason is simple. There are two reasons actually. One, he just doesn't like Triple H. He is an idiot who married the boss's daughter just to start winning titles. And two, he was much more deserving of a title shot than that roid head. You see the mere fact that Punk is straight edge and Triple H is not, is a testament to why Punk is better than Triple H. Never mind that Triple H didn't work to get where he is. Never mind that Triple H has a coniving way and slept his way to the top like a common whore, like Sable. Punk is the better wrestler. Darren Young and Percy Watson come out. Young tells Punk they have heard enough. When Young was in NXT Punk helped him get pretty far and for that he is thankful. But he and Punk live two seperate lives. And The South Beach Boys, Watson and himself, are tired of it. They are tired of Punk saying he is better than everybody. And they will show the world why you don't have to be straight edge to be good.

4. Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows v The South Beach Boys (Raw v Smackdown Interpromotional Match)

5. Bryan Danielson v Jack Swagger (Smackdown Superstars Match)

Women's Champion Trish Stratus is out. She says for the 4th of July, she has a great surprise for everyone. For weeks she has been talking about Eve's secret lover. and for weeks she has been promising to reveal Eve's lover. Well tonight she is going to do it. Tonight she will finally put an end to the biggest mystery in YWWE. She tells the guys in the back to roll the footage. Instead, Kane's music hits and he comes out dressed as Uncle Sam. Once in the ring, He chokeslams Trish, leaving her motionless.

6. Jillian Hall v Beth Phoenix v Angelina Love v Maxine v Melina v Mickie James v Eve Torres v Velvet Sky v ODB v Brie Bella v Candice Michelle v Hamada v Brooke v Nikki Bella v Maria v Maryse (15 Diva Interpromotional Battle Royal)

7. AJ Styles v Edge

Post Match- Kurt Angle runs out and attacks Styles. Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes join in fighting Edge. Steve Austin runs in to help Edge, only to be attacked by Edge as well. Wade Barrett and David Otunga run in and attack Orton and Rhodes. It is total chaos. GM Abe Washington comes out and announces next week's main event. A Four Corners Elimination Match. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle v "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Edge v Wade Barrett & David Otunga v Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes.


in the battle royal list who was eliminated in order as well as who eliminated them

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    Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian after Joe hits the Muscle Buster on JBL, tags Daniels, who hits the BME

    Owen Hart after the Piledriver

    Rey Mysterio after going for the 619 and The Hart Dynasty runs in an attacks him causing the DQ

    Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows after Gallows hits the Gallows's Pole on both opponents

    Bryan Danielson after the Cattle Mutilation for the Submission


    Maxine by ODB

    Maria by Mickie James

    Brooke by Eve Torres and Hamada

    Brie Bella by Angelina Love

    Nikki Bella by Velvet Sky

    Candice Michelle by Beth Phoenix

    Hamada by Beth Phoenix

    ODB and Maryse by Eachother

    Melina by Jillian Hall

    Beth Phoenix by Sky, Torres, James, Love, and Hall

    Jillian Hall by Sky, Torres, James, and Love


    Angelina Love by Mickie James

    Eve Torres by Trish Stratus (ran in)

    Mickie James by Velvet Sky

    WINNER: Velvet Sky

    AJ Styles after reversing the Spear into the Styles Clash


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    Promo 1(10/10)

    Match 1(winners Samoa Joe, Kaz, & Christopher Daniels)(10/10)

    Match 2(winner Owen Hart)(9/10)

    Match 3(winner Rey Mysterio)(10/10)

    Promo 2(10/10)(Best Promo)

    Match 4(winners Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows)(9/10)

    Match 5(winner Bryan Danielson)(10/10)(Best Match)

    Promo 3(10/10)

    Match 6(winner Mickie James)(10/10)

    Nikki Bella & Brie Bella eliminates Brooke

    Maria eliminates Maryse

    ODB eliminates Candice Michelle

    Maria eliminates Maxine

    Mickie James eliminates ODB

    Melina eliminates Hamada

    Angelina Love eliminates Jillian Hall

    Beth Phoenix eliminates Nikki Bella & Brie Bella

    Maria eliminates Beth Phoenix

    Velvet Sky eliminates Maria

    Angelina Love eliminates Eve

    Velvet Sky eliminates Angelina Love

    Mickie James eliminates Velvet Sky

    Melina eliminates Mickie James

    Match 7(winner AJ Styles)(10/10)(Best Match)

    Post Match(10/10)

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  • Promo 1-10/10

    Match 1-winners Samoa Joe, Kaz, and Christopher Daniels-9.5/10

    Match 2-winner Muhammad Hassan-8.5/10

    Match 3-winner Rey Mysterio-10/10

    Promo 2-10/10

    Match 4-winners Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows-8.5/10

    Match 5-winner Bryan Danielson-10/10

    Promo 3-10/10

    Match 6-winner Melina-10/10

    Maria eliminates Nikki Bella

    Maria eliminates Brie Bella

    Maryse eliminates Maxine

    Velvet Sky and Eve eliminates Hamada

    Beth Phoenix eliminates Brooke

    Mickie James eliminates Jillian Hall

    Maria eliminates Maryse

    Candice Michelle eliminates Maria

    ODB eliminates Candice Michelle

    Beth Phoenix eliminates ODB

    Angelina Love eliminates Beth Phoenix

    Melina eliminates Angelina Love

    Mickie James eliminates Eve

    Melina eliminates Velvet Sky

    Melina eliminates Mickie James

    Match 7-winner Edge-10/10

    Post Match-10/10

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    1) Samoa Joe, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels. Rating = 9/10

    2) Owen Hart. Rating = 8/10

    3) Rey Mysterio. Rating = 9/10

    4) The South Beach Boys. Rating = 6/10

    5) Bryan Danielson. Rating = 10/10

    6) Order of Elimination: Rating = 8/10

    * Brie Bella by Eve Torres

    * Nikki Bella by Beth Phoenix

    * Maxine by Melina

    * Candice Michelle by Mickie James

    * Velvet Sky by Beth Phoenix

    * Jillian Hall by Angelina Love

    * Brooke by Hamada

    * Maria by Maryse

    * Maryse by Mickie James

    * Eve Torres by Angelina Love

    * Angelina Love by Beth Phoenix

    * Beth Phoenix by Mickie James

    Winner = Mickie James

    7) Edge. Rating = 10/10

    Overall Rating: 9.2/10

    Good Show

    TV Rating: 3.5

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    Promo: 8/10

    1. Samoa Joe, Kaz & Christopher Daniels 9/10

    2. Owen Hart (with Jim Neidhart) 7.5/10

    3. Rey Mysterio 7.5/10

    Promo : 7/10

    4. Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows ( to continue the feud.) 8/10

    5. Jack Swagger 9/10

    6. Brooke by Mickie James

    Maria by The Bella Twins

    Chandice Michelle by Maryse

    Maxine by Maryse

    Hamanda by Brie Bella

    Velvet Sky by The Bella Twins

    Melina by Angelina Love

    Jillian Hall by Beth Pheonix

    Brooke by ODB

    Brie Bella by Eve Torres

    Nikki Bella by Eve Torres

    Mickie James by Angelina Love

    ODB by Beth Pheonix

    Beth Pheonix by Maryse

    Angelina Love by Eve Torres

    Maryse by Eve Torres

    Winner: Eve Torres 10/10

    7. Edge 8.5/10

    Post Match: 8/10

    Overall: 8/10. Good.

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    Seg 1: 9/10

    Match 1: JBL, Wade Barrett, and David Otunga win. 7/10

    Match 2: Owen Hart wins. 8/10

    Match 3: Rey Mysterio wins. 10/10

    Seg 2: 10/10

    Match 4: The South Beach Boys win. 7/10

    Match 5: Jack Swagger wins by DQ. 7/10

    Seg 3: 8/10

    Match 6: Hamada wins by last eliminating Nikki Bella and Brie Bella. 6/10

    Match 7: AJ Styles wins. 10/10

    Overall Wrestling Value: 55/70 C+

    Entertaintment Value: 27/30 A+

    Total Show Value: 82/100 B+

    Comments: You have very interesting storylines, as well as original matches. I enjoyed reading the brawl to end the show. Keep it up!

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    Samoa Joe def David Otunga by gorilla press then david lands on samoa joe's kneee

    Owen def Muhammed cuz when the ref is knocked out Owen and jim peform a hart attack thus the ref waking to the pin

    Rey by reversing code blue by hurricanrana into 61 you know what 9

    Darren Young by powerslam into frog splash on luke gallows

    Daniel bryan reversed ankle lock into LeBell lock

    Eve worked together with beth only to turn on her with a glam slam of her own then a hand spring moonsault then pushed her out of ring

    Edge by 4 nonstop spears using all four corners :)

    Stone cold stunners every sumbitch in the opposite teams out there edge then grabs a beer drinks it spears austin pins him the crowd go's wild

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  • 9 years ago


    the harts



    daniel bryan


    aj styles

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