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What do angels look like ?

What do angels look like , and whould they try to contact/teach you in your sleep ? i have been seeing this woman who keeps telling me to listen to her and tells me to "jump" an awful lot, and she seems to be trying to teach me about these square things that change colour and my name and read my last 2 questions about my last 2 dreams, its been going on for about 3 weeks now and its every single night she takes me somewhere new and tells me to "jump" then when i dont/cant, she says its far too early, im really lost here, it cant be just dreams, its the same woman every single night, i remember little bits of the dreams , but the last 2 have been so real, i have been shaking and really white when i wake up, and im constantly hungry like i have not eaten in days..... read the last 2 dreams and you`ll understand this thing a little just seems like she`s in my dreams for a reason....3 weeks ? this cant be just dreams.

Update: about my last 2 dreams, i think your all just jumping to conclusions.

Update 2:

@ JesusIsGod

I am not a religious person , i was baptised as a child and my religion on paper is church of England for some reason but i see myself as an atheist, to be honest i do not pray, but now and again when times are tough i think of how amazing it would be to be helped by a "god". But i must say i think you might be right, angels are never really seen as women, the good ones anyway, so i was mainly confused with that,but these dreams have been every single night for about 3 weeks and they have all been nice dreams, i was waking up and feeling great all day and remembering little bits of the dream, but the last 2 dreams have been strange, i don't know what the metallic squares are and i don't know why she keeps telling me to jump, i don't pray, and i cant think of anything different i have done which could have made her face change at the airport, like i said though, it was only when the old man touched my shoulder, she looked really angry as though he wasn't supposed to do tha

Update 3: that, i dont think she`s evil, but im no expert so i dunno, the last of four squares is for me though, but i dont know what she means by "listen" and "jump".

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    Angels can look like anyone,

    "Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!"(Hebrews 13:2)

    Based on what you wrote in your previous posts, this is a fallen angel, a demon, who will eventually expect worship from you in some form. Holy angels do God's bidding, and would not have the kind of attitude you are describing. Did you happen to pray about knowing what was going on, before you had the dream when it showed its true colors? God can and WILL show you anything and everything at His discretion, it wouldn't be halfsies, He wouldn't send bill the bi-polar angel,

    Is this a confirmation, and I believe it will be, but can you confirm this?

    It was all pretty and positive, the dreams where really getting your attention, you prayed some kind of prayer for understanding or wisdom or for the purposes to be revealed, then the following dream it got ugly?

    The icy touch on the forehead has been experienced by different people under demonic attack.

    You are engaged in spiritual warfare Do not give this woman any kind of worship, it is not really a woman, fallen angels often look female in dreams, where holy angels look androgynous, the female angels in the bible with the wings of a stork is used to back up this experience based knowledge in research and books, the stork is an unclean bird. the fallen angel will gain more and more power over you, it is preening you to be obedient to it, it is trying to appeal to your sense of adventure and curiosity and is rewarding you when you do what it wants and punishing you when you do what it doesn't want, you are being conditioned.

    You need to come against this in prayer to God our Father in Jesus name, claiming His promise that anything we ask in His name will be given to us. immediately notify prayerful people of God of your situation, and I don't mean lightweights, Jesus Peter and Paul taught us much about fighting demons, they ARE real, don't waste your time on any church that tries to convince you they are some metaphor.

    If you have a hard time getting away from it's grip, and if it is medically feasible for you, fast and pray and read your bible, as Jesus taught us that some demons can only come out by prayer AND fasting. Take in only water for 3 days if you are healthy and you know this to not be a risk to you physically, medically.

    Do not be won over by its pageantry, it is evil, a tree is known by its fruit, get rid of anything demonic or idolatrous under your roof and rededicate your life to our Creator in Jesus' name if you haven't already.

    You have been warned, I strongly believe this to be the truth, I will be praying for you.

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    1) What do angels look like ?

    In the Bible, angels are described as having several different appearances, including:

    - men

    - winged men

    - creatures with wheels

    - burning bush

    - creatures that resemble winged sphinxes

    Never in the Bible is an angel described as a woman or as having feminine features or characteristics.

    2) whould they try to contact/teach you in your sleep ?

    There are cases in the Bible in which men were contacted by angels in a sleeping vision.

    3) it cant be just dreams

    Of course it *can* be just dreams. The Bible teaches that dreams are just dreams except for true prophets of God - who, of course, are taught by God what their dreams mean, so there is no doubt in their mind that their dreams are not merely dreams.

    There are a very few cases in the Bible in which a very important figure has a prophetic dream from God and a prophet of God interprets that dream for the very important figure. In such cases, the figure always seems to be aware that the dream is prophetic, and in all cases the dream was given to the important figure to help the prophet out (by making his prophetic abilities known to the important figure)..

    You are having dreams but do not have the interpretation - so you are not a true prophet of God. You do not appear to be a person of importance who has a prophet handy to interpret dreams for you. Based purely on the Bible, it would seem that your dreams are nothing more than dreams.

    Beware of charlatans who claim to be able to interpret your dreams! The Bible warns us sternly against such people!

    - Jim,

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    They can come in any form, even a donkey, or a person who you would least expect to be an angel. Angels are all around us, trying to win the battle of life for us.


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    Islamic view of angels.

    A) Description of Angles

    1. Angles having Wings.

    Quran ch35:1 [All] praise is [due] to Allah , Creator of the heavens and the earth, [who] made the angels messengers having wings, two or three or four. He increases in creation what He wills. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent.

    2.God created angles from light.

    3. Angles do not eat.

    4. Angels Do not described masculinity and femininity.

    5. Angels do not get tired and fade away from the worship of God Almighty.

    6. Angels stand at their Lord in the ranks of regular.

    7. Angels ashamed of some of the sons of Adam.

    8. Angels are offended by the smell of malignant.

    9. Angels do not disobey what Allah (God) ordered them and they do what they are commanded.

    B) Verses in the Qur'an that directly name Angels.

    Hamalat al-'Arsh, Those who carry the 'Arsh (throne of God)

    Jibraaiyl/Jibril (Judeo-Christian Gabriel), the angel of revelation, who is said to be the greatest of the angels. Jibraaiyl is the archangel responsible for revealing the Qur'an to Muhammad, verse by verse. Jibrayil is widely known as the angel who communicates with (all of) the prophets and also for coming down with Allah's blessings during the night of Laylat al-Qadr ("The Night of Destiny").

    Israfil/Israafiyl (Judeo-Christian Raphael), who will blow the trumpet twice at the end of time. According to the Hadith, Israafiyl is the angel responsible for signaling the coming of Qiyamah (Judgment Day) by blowing a horn and sending out a Blast of Truth. The blowing of the trumpet is described in many places in Qur'an. It is said that the first blow will destroy everything, while the second blow will bring all human beings back to life again to meet their Lord.

    Mikaaiyl (Judeo-Christian Michael),who provides nourishments for bodies and souls. Mikaaiyl is often depicted as the Archangel of mercy who is responsible for bringing rain and thunder to Earth. He is also responsible for the rewards doled out to good persons in this life.

    'Azrael/'Azraaiyl a.k.a Malak al-maut (Judeo-Christian Azrael), the angel of death. He is responsible for parting the soul from the body. He is only referred as malak al-maut, meaning angel of death, in the Qur'an.

    c) The angels of the Seven Heavens.

    Hafaza (The Guardian Angel):

    Kiraman Katibin (Honourable Recorders), two of whom are charged with each human being; one writes down good deeds, and the other writes down evil deeds.

    Mu'aqqibat (The Protectors) who keep people from death until its decreed time and who bring down blessings.

    Munkar and Nakir, who question the dead in their graves.

    Darda'il (The Journeyers), who travel in the earth searching out assemblies where people remember God's name.

    The angels charged with each existent thing, maintaining order and warding off corruption. Their number is known only to God.

    Maalik is the chief of the angels who govern Jahannam (Hell).

    Zabaniah are 19 angels who torment sinful persons in hell.

    Ridwan is the angel who is responsible for Jannah (Paradise).

    Finally, whatever you dreamed it's not an angels, I think nothing will harm you. Don't bother about that dream.

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    Angels can look like anything or anyone- they often take the form of people, though they will reveal their true form sometimes and apparently they're very scary because when that happens humans freak out. The Bible describes the appearance a few other heavenly beings, which are things of nightmares to us- multiple heads, wheels, eyeballs, wings... really awesome stuff.

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    Don't get scared or discouraged. Just keep trying your best until you achieve the goal.

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    Angels look like whatever you want them to look like.

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    they might look nice but you get scared anyway. they speak strange. very very strange. or we dont understand their language and mix things up.

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    Very tall and very pale and beautiful with long golden wavy hair, my grandma said

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    this one time an angel and i had sex... it was amazing... it was a real angel too, i even asked

    Source(s): i was touched by an angel
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