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I think I may have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever...?

I could just be acting paranoid, but I've been a little congested lately, and this morning I developed a rash in my left armpit. It doesn't look like the rashes listed on the symptoms pages, but apparently some patients don't develop rashes at all.

My mom is a nurse. I asked her about it and she said that I looked nothing like the patients she's had with the disease. Still, I can't help but think that maybe she's wrong.

Can anyone offer some insight on this?

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    From the CDC -

    "The first symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) typically begin 2-14 days after the bite of an infected tick. A tick bite is usually painless and about half of the people who develop RMSF do not remember being bitten. The disease frequently begins as a sudden onset of fever and headache and most people visit a healthcare provider during the first few days of symptoms. Because early symptoms may be non-specific, several visits may occur before the diagnosis of RMSF is made and correct treatment begins. The following is a list of symptoms commonly seen with this disease, however, it is important to note that few people with the disease will develop all symptoms, and the number and combination of symptoms varies greatly from person to person.


    Rash (occurs 2-5 days after fever, may be absent in some cases; see below)




    Abdominal pain (may mimic appendicitis or other causes of acute abdominal pain)

    Muscle pain

    Lack of appetite

    Conjunctival injection (red eyes)

    RMSF is a serious illness that can be fatal in the first eight days of symptoms if not treated correctly, even in previously healthy people. The progression of the disease varies greatly. Patients who are treated early may recover quickly on outpatient medication, while those who experience a more severe course may require intravenous antibiotics, prolonged hospitalization or intensive care."

    See a doctor and hope you feel good soon.

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    I had Lyme ailment approximately 6 years in the past. The tick was once proper beneath my breast. I determined it within the bathe. Your buddy's tick has without doubt dropped off by way of now. I was once on anti bios for six weeks and in addition needed to see a neurologist as I was once soreness partial paralysis down my left facet. I recovered fully however was once left with a vry low immune process for greater than two years and acquired each and every bloodless virus and insect than went round. Your buddy demands to begin constructing her process up with tons of vits, ecinachea, tonics and so on. It's a quite draining sickness.

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