what are some specific jobs like protective service or social work for women?

I know there's child protective service, but I wanna work for women in need. whether that's talking to them or helping in other ways. What specific jobs are there that could help like depressed women or late teenage girls? It doesn't necessarily have to be depression it could be anything. And what training would follow? Please describe with detail!

Thanks alot.

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    That is too much information to relay in a Yahoo answer. Peruse the Occupational Outlook Handbook instead for some ideas (link below). I'd start with the professional occupations first, subcategory "community and social services professions". But check out lawyer and paralegal, as well as teachers of adult ed and literacy. Further down are the medical and health related, which could be focused on women and teens. Then check out "service," subcategory healthcare support.

    For the various occupations, the Occupational Outlook Handbook lists education or training required, average salaries, where they're employed, and the outlook for the job, whether hiring for the job is expected to increase in the next few years or decrease.

    The link I've provided is for social worker, but you can surf to the other categories on the left side.

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