Comic Book Store? and Green Lantern?

I know this'll be a tricky question to answer but can anyone tell me where my nearest comic store is? I live in Scotland and my postcode is KY8 4QY (in Fife). I am new to comics but would like to start reading otherwise I'd buy them online but I've no idea where to start and I like the models that you can get. Also I'd quite like to buy a Green Lantern ring but I'd like it to be accurate, of good quality, not too bulky and quite cheap and I was just wondering if the rings from the new movie toys (like the ones you get with the figures or the ones you can buy on their own) were any good or cheap plastic rubbish? If so can you recommend one?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question (or questions lol)

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    Here's the site where I tried to locate it:

    What it gave me:






    KY1 1XF

    Phone: 01592 328121á

    I have no idea what that means, I just copied & pasted it from the site because they look like it's telling you where it is located.

    Before I answer the first question (unless I already did), which do you prefer? Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, etc.? I'm asking that because you said that you were new to comics, so I didn't know which company you wanted to sat rt with. But, I think that you want to start with DC, because they own Green Lantern.

    Try to get a graphic novel or a Green Lantern Origins comic book. I personally think that you would want to start with Hal Jordan, because he's the character portrayed in the movie. I have a (Ultimate) Spider-Man origins type of comic book, (it is based off of Amazing Fantasy #15, his first appearance). I got a Green Lantern comic book (kind of like an origin of Hal Jordan (this particular Green Lantern)) from Free Comic Book Day. I will come back and edit my post and see what issue it was, so that you might be able to get it. It was great, by the way.

    Your post: "....and I like the models that you can get"- Models? Do you mean action figures? Sorry, I'm confused on that.

    Before I moved different states (I'm in America), the guy behind the counter at my comic shop had a Green Lantern ring, and it was pretty nice. Not cheap at all. And a dude I have seen on this website called "comic vine" said he had a Green Lantern ring since 1997. That one can't be cheap, from the wear and tear your hands can get especially if you have a job.

    I'm sure that there are rings available because of the new movie. I'll go and see on Amazon. But unfortunately, I can't right now, because they all look like plastic kids toys. I've looked on Amazon and eBay.

    Here's the link to eBay:

    The first ring looks like the most quality one, and it says "top rated best seller".

    I'm sorry if this didn't help. I tried searching on the web "green lantern ring", "green lantern ring for sale", "green lantern good quality" and stuff like that. Nothing that good seemed to pop up.

    Hope you get your ring.

    And Dec's website sells comics on line (I'm sure you'd have to have a credit card and get a subscription).:

    EDIT: I found the comic, it has "free comic book day" on it, so I really don't think that they will be selling those. It's Green Lantern Special Edition (with a preview to Flash point inside).

    This is what the cover looks like:

    But, here is Blackest Knight Ring spectrum set:

    It says if you preorder this item now, they won't charge you for shipping.

    Should do it now.

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  • Diane
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    In the current "New 52" promotion of the DC (September 2010), they have 4 titles under the Green Lantern title. 'Green Lantern' that features Hal Jordan, 'Green Lantern Corps' that features John Stewart and Guy Gardner as well as other members of the Corps from time to time, 'Green Lantern New Guardians' that features Kyle Rayner, and the 'Red Lanterns' which has no Green Lanterns on it except notable members of the Red Lantern Corps which were introduced in the preparation of the 'Blackest Night' event for DC (2009-2010). The titles of the DC Comics that had the New 52 on it is the relaunch of every title that they had. I believe they had started Superman's story from the beginning again but not for Batman. The same goes with the Justice League. They had recreated the origin of the team with issue #1 of the New 52 brand. Justice League International by the way is a group of superheroes coming from different nations that deals with international issues. This goes along in the New 52 brand but not sure if this goes along with the Justice League timeline. With the Green Lantern titles in the New 52 brand, they had continued the events that started with Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and War of the Green Lanterns and not rebooted their stories. (thus the existence of the Red Lanters and New Guardians). Blackest Night and Brightest Day originally started from the Green Lantern story arc but eventually led in an entire DC Universe event. Basically Blackest Night and Brightest Day are from the Pre-New 52 storylines but still plays a significantly in the stories that are in the occurring Green Lantern titles.

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