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What was with CM PUNK last Monday Night Raw...?

It seemed like he was really peed off, why was he saying @ss so many times?

Is he showing the WWE how he really feels?

And I thought the thing about saying if Mr Mcmahon dies stephanie will take over and calling his family stupid, damn - was this scripted? Cm Punk is a good actor if it was..

And also why did they cut his mic off? He was really entertaining!

BQ: Why does King say that "Shawn Michaels RETURNS", has he returned? He is just showing up? Not returning...I don't understand please explain.

Okay thank you ever so much, and yes, I just watched RAW lmao

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  • 10 years ago
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    CM Punk was mad and was trying to piss off the company, and the network by breaking every rule that he could think of. He said @ss so much, because the company has a contract with the network, where the network allows only a certain amount of cursing per show. CM Punk used up, and went over the number of allowed profanities in the first few minutes of the show in order to not only prevent anyone else from using profanity, but to also get the company fined lots of money for going over the allotted amount. He is mad because he does not like the direction in which his character is being taken in the story line, and he does not like the fact that The Rock and John Cena have a main event match at Wrestle Mania, when The Rock is not even under employment by the WWE at this point in time. He feels that it is unfair to promote someone who is not working hard every week for Wrestle Mania when he is working all year and he, nor anyone else who works hard all year are guaranteed a match at Wrestle Mania. Also The Rock and John Cena are bound by contract to fight for the belt, therefore storyline will have to dictate that John Cena Ends up with the belt in time for Wrestle Mania, meaning no matter how hard CM Punk, or anyone else for that matter work to get the belt, the bbeltwill always end up going back to John Cena in time for WWrestle Mania CM Punk is not trying to show the company how he feels, because they probably already know. But CM Punk's contract with the WWE is up soon and so he is taking this opportunity to show the WWE Universe how the entire wrestling roster feels.

    No this was not scripted, that is why they shut off his mic as soon as he mentioned Stephanie McMahon. Vince is very protective of his family.

    Saying that Shaun Micheals is returning, is just a way for the fans to tune in, and buy tickets, and be excited.

  • As for HBK, they are just hyping it up, trying to get the fans excited and all, nothing serious.

    The Punk issue was supposedly a shoot (Or so we thought when we saw RAW the first time) especially that the dirt sheets said the RAW lockerroom was shocked as hell when punk was talking. It was then revealed as an orchestrated work between Vince, Punk and few others. He was supposed to go out, he was supposed to do a shoot-like promo, and he as told that once the people in the back felt he was going too far, they will cut him off (If you watch the Mainevent closely, you will notice they played the end-of-show corner-logo which usually plays during the last 10 seconds of the show) and so they did. It also turned out punk stretched it a bit too far in terms of what the management had in mind, but it was all a work, a pretty damn good one if you ask me.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Its just another desperate attempt to get the adults back into Wrestling. As most adults have turned to UFC. Wresting to me has lost its touch, it doesn't have the same greatness as it did during the Monday Night Wars. And I hate how WWE says over 10 million people view RAW every monday. If you do some reseacrh 10 million people have never watched wrestling since the Monday Night Wars! I don't get WWE is saying it now? I heard its way to attract people to the show. But it fails badly. Anyway what CM Punk did was not impressive due to beinng fake and its not gonna help anyway. Doing it only once doesn't do crap.

    And The King is old now, he needs to retire. He says a bunch a crap and sometimes doesn't even make sense. Shawn Michael from what I have heard is that he is Part Time. But I think he paid by television appearances.

  • 10 years ago

    Because of the holiday, the WWE filmed this weeks RAW immediately following last weeks. From this I can confirm that it was, in fact, a work designed to look like a shoot. Probably the best mic work I've seen since the attitude era. Well done CM Punk.

    Also, if it were a shoot, they would have cut him off much earlier and/or gone to commercial.

  • 10 years ago

    CM Punk claims that Cena, Rock and Hogan all got their success from kissing Vince's *** (sucking up to him), he doesn't think HHH or Stephanie can run a wrestling company, that's not entirely false, since HHH is for himself. He asked CM Punk and Orton, before Wrestlemania 27 not to have a great match, so HHH v Taker could steal the show, and it did.

    They cut his mic off because it was going too far. WWE knew he was going to say something like that, but they said, they would cut him off, if he went too far.

    BQ: King said ''Is he returning?'', but HBK was cut off by Punk, before he could finish. He may be returning, because HBK said ''I couldn't stay away,'', sorta stuff. He might not, because he has a show on the Outdoor channel or something.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I agree with him, WWE treat there superstars, like, they are no body. But, people, like, John Cena, they get treated like, royalty.

    They cut him off in, microphone, because, he went little over the line.

    This week, on Monday night Raw.

    They will say, Cm Punk, is suspended, but, Mr. McMahon, and John Cena, they will talk, after that, Mr. McMahon will have, Cm Punk to be in, WWE, until, the PPV. But, if, John Cena loses his, WWE title at the PPV, then, John Cena will be fired.

    I don't think, John Cena will be fired, but, John Cena will win, and face, Alberto Del Rio, at August PPV.


    I did not see, all Raw, I see, the last part, because, last part is fun, at times.

    Source(s): You don't have to wait, for long time, to see, Raw. What you can do is, go to this website, Tuesday, and find out, the Raw, result.
  • 10 years ago

    No, that was not scripted. If it were, they'd have allowed him to finish what he was saying, instead of ending RAW the way they did. He was asked to talk about his leaving so he did, just not how WWE wanted him to.

  • He is getting ready to leave the WWE

  • 10 years ago

    If you don't get it just don't watch. It's pretty easy to get

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