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i want to buy a laptop...hp or dell?

hi friends,

i want to buy a laptop.....price range 40000 to 50000.....i need the following specifications

2nd gen intel core i5 , 4 gb ram , 1 gb graphics card , 500 gb hard disk, 15" screen size , wifi , bluetooth ...etc.

i am in a great confusion in choosing whether HP or DELL ....please suggest me a good brand also a good model within my buget.........

thanks all......:)

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    Hi, I suggest you to go with DELL, Dell's after sales service in India is much better than any other vendor, and also their INSPIRON New 15R is very good with specification, you will get:

    2nd gen i5

    4 GB DDR3

    500 GB HDD

    15.6" HD

    1GB NVidea(with customization only)

    1 extra LID backcover

    1 year complete cover with accidental insurance(they'll come to your home to mend your lappy ;-))

    NOTE: Dont go with any dealer, but direct deal with dell showroom or order it online at dell's site, if you order online then a dell's sales representation will call you and you can ask him/her for discount also...

    but with dell you have to wait for your lappy for 1-2 weeks(thats why I went with Sony VAIO, I have EA-46, marvelous).

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    dell is a better laptop no matter what other says.

    u can buy new xps 5, it has 6 gb ram, intel i5, inbuilt high graphics card, 500 gb HDD, wifi, bluetooth, etc....

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    I wouldn't choose either... HP don't like people putting software on there products they don't like... and Dell well its only a matter of time till it decides not to work...

    I recommend at looking at other brands, Toshiba or Acer and MSI even Asus are a top brand that offer laptops and are very good....

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    9 years ago

    HP, dell's screen breaks in a year.

    Good luck,


    PS 40000 to 50000 what?

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    Dell Inspiron 15R

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    no matter some people bought last week or today

    close your eyes you've got Dell inspiron around 45K or dell xps in 53K buy any of the dell come home open your eyes now enjoy!

    dell=better after sale services, QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY!!

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    Dude go for DELL, DELL is the no1 laptop in the world in all terms

  • 4 years ago

    I will suggest u Dell

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