Illinois statute 315 Horse Mutilation Act :Is this criminal in Illinois only?

Is Illinois the only state ,country,area in world where "the surgical removal of a draft horses tail"--also known as docking is regarded as criminal?Some farriers will not shoe a mutilated horse, because the horse must kick and stomp to defend against flies,thereby causing loose shoes.Do you believe that docking is cruel? Is it necessary ,or only cosmetic?Do the Arabian people who practice Islam permit the mutilation of camels,asses,horses ? Is docking regarded as ethical veterinary surgery beneficial to the horse

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    10 years ago
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    I'm not sure what our bill is called here in Arizona but I know we have one & it is taken VERY seriously.

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    Yes if I understand "docking of horses" correctly it is cruel. They need to move their tail to keep bugs & pests away

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    other states may well have their own statute pertaining to horse mutilation, but the IL statute you cite is only for IL

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