Australia to London flight?

I have always wanted to go to London but I need to know the cost of things.

How much would the flight be from Australia to London and then return? I would be on cattle class because I'm not made of money. :)

Also how much do you think the hotel and food would be?

I would be going for 2 weeks.

Thank you so much to who ever helps me. :D

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    Best thing to do is go and book your trip through a travel agent and then they can get you exactly what you want. As for the cost it can vary huge amounts depending on the dates, availability, airline and which city in Australia. As for accommodation that can also vary hundreds of dollars a night depending on the area of London, star rating. Food can also vary hundreds depending on those things. If you allowed $2,500AUD for airfares (assuming you are in Sydney or Melbourne) that would normally be enough to get a decent airline in economy as long as you aren't booking for June/July/August or December/January (around Christmas/New Year). Those times you'd need to set aside closer to $3000AUD if you book early.

    Hotels could be around $100 a night for a cheap place not in a great location, but a decent place with good location is $200+ a night. As long as the hotel is close to a tube station though it is within easy reach of all the sites in London.

    Food well depends if you eat out at nice places, buy McDonalds or what you buy. $50 a day should be enough if you don't eat out at pricey places and stick to non alcoholic beverages.

    I'd say $5,000AUD very minimum for just getting there, eating enough to get by and then accommodation. You'd then want at least another $2,000 for entrance fees to attractions/shows and souvenier/luxuries money.

    If you are willing to stay in hostels and live mostly off supermarket food and bottled softdrink/water then you could do it cheaper. The first time I went in 2004 and I was staying in hostels, walking a lot and eating very minimal I was going through about 60 pounds a day, but the last time I was there just last year my minimum standards have changed a little bit so that I wasn't staying in the same room as 10 other people and I went through around 150 pounds a day

    Source(s): I work at a travel agency in Australia and have travelled very extensively including to London 4 times.
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    the cost of a flight will depend on a number of things. Like: don't fly around Christmas, as prices go up because a lot of people want to get to/ from Home to visit family. Then can you make a couple of days stop in Singapore or Malaysia ( this could be a cheaper flight, but more to pay for accommodation).

    As we don't know exactly what you are looking for in terms of hotels or hostels, may I recommend that you speak directly to a travel agent. It is their job to help you with all the questions you will ask. And they can give better advice once they know more about what you want to do.

    I have been to Aus twice, both occasions cost over £2,000. In fact the second occasions cost more than twice that as I was travelling around a lot more.

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