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I'm 12 and don't have my period yet but I'm pretty sure it's coming really soon. I have lots of discharge every day and It is very uncomfortable. I've had discharge for at least two years now. Is this normal and should I wear pantyliners? If not what else should I do? How do I tell my mum?

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    If it's making you uncomfortable than pantyliners do help. I use them because I have constant discharge too. As for telling your mum? Well, I was way too embarrassed to tell her face to face so I just wrote her a letter and gave it for her to read. She said that's it alright and that's it's normal since my discharge is only white and doesn't smell bad. It depends what colour it is though, and the smell so I'd ask your mum that. I felt heaps better after telling my mum, so don't worry! :)


    Sorry, I forgot the period question. You can never be sure about when your period is coming. I got mine a little before my 13th birthday, but don't worry if you don't get it then because my aunty got hers when she was 16! There is no normal time to get your period because everyone is different. I wouldn't even fuss over it. You'll get it when you get it.

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    I am 12 years old to and i started my period for the first time 6 months ago! I had discharge for 2 years and i always used a pantyliner because if you don't then the discharge will get in your panties and that is a little gross! Ask your mom if it is normal to have discharge for 2 years, the answer is most likely yes! The pantyliners may be uncomfortable for a while, but you should get use to it! I hope I helped! Ad yes your period is probably going to be coming soon, tell your mom first!

    Love ___Lindsay____

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    Hey there!

    Well you are 12, so it's normal not to have your period yet - it will come in a few years.

    Discharge is just your vaginas way of cleaning itself. Unfortunately, this will probably happen for the rest of your life. Yes, do wear pantyliners - they will smell nice and stop your pants from getting ruined.

    You can tell your mum - I did. She is the one who buys me my pantyliners.

    If the discharge smells really fishy and gross or goes off colours - so green or yellow etc, you should see a doctor to make sure. But, being 12, you'll be fine. Discharge should be a creamy colour.

    *Edit* - I started getting discharge at 10. My period didn't come until I was umm 13, 14 I believe. Discharge doesn't tell you when it will happen.

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    Yes, wear pantyliners - you dont want it going in your underwear.

    I am not sure if it means your period is coming, especially as you have had this for 2 years, but it could be your hormones and puberty, which may trigger your period.

    You need to see what colour your discharge is - thats important, then look it up - even search on google. Cos different discharge means different things, i.e infection, STI etc or just normal.

    How do you tell your Mum????? There is nothing to tell at this point! It depends on how close you are with her too. If you are concerned about your discharge, talk to her. Go talk to a doctor.

    She won't act any other way apart from supportive. Believe me, she had to go through all this too.

    And prob still does!

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    The best Consultant for you is your mom or your sister or even your friend . Ask them.Do not be shy.I'm male and I can't do something special for you. sorry

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