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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 10 years ago

The name of the movie where a couple are faking a marriage?

I watched this one a long time ago,I'm thinking it was done in the 60's. I believe they lived in an apartment and they pretty much would torture each other (note its a romantic comedy so in the end I believe they lived happily ever after). Sorry if I'm a bit sketch on the details I only saw the movie once a very long time ago. Does any of this ring any bells for anyone?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Is it "The Goodbye Girl" 1977?

    "Paula McFadden (Marsha Mason) learns she has been dumped by her boyfriend Tony and that he has sublet their apartment. Shortly thereafter, the neurotic but sweet Elliot Garfield (Richard Dreyfuss) shows up in the middle of the night, expecting to live there. Though Paula is demanding, and makes clear from the start that she doesn't like Elliot, he allows her and her ten-year-old daughter Lucy (Quinn Cummings) to stay.

    Paula struggles to get back into shape to try to resume her career as a dancer. Meanwhile, Elliot has his own problems. He has landed the title role in an off-off-Broadway production of Richard III, but the director, Mark (Paul Benedict), wants him to play the character as an exaggerated stereotype of a homosexual, in Mark's words, "the queen who wanted to be king." Many theater critics from television stations and newspapers in New York City attend opening night, and they all savage the production, especially Elliot's performance. The play quickly closes.

    Despite their frequent clashes, Paula and Elliot fall in love. Then, Elliot is offered a fantastic opportunity for a role in a movie that he cannot turn down. The only catch is that the job is in another city and Elliot will be gone for four weeks. Paula is scared that Elliot is leaving her, never to return, like all the other men in her life. At the last minute, however, Elliot invites Paula to go with him while he is filming the picture and suggests Lucy stay with a friend until they return. Paula declines, but is happy because she knows Elliot's invitation is evidence that he loves her and will come back."

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What happens in Vegas stays in vegas. Not the 60s but they go to vegas get married ask for a divorce. The judge tells them to live together for 6 months. They share an apartment and tortue each other. They go to marriage councelling and pretend to be getting along fine. They are really doing it for money though because if someone backs out the other gets the something million dollars. they end up falling in love and getting married.

    I hope this helps you remember :D

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    ensure you somewhat LOVE THIS individual and that they love you returned. ensure you could have faith this individual including your existence and that your are %a hundred thousand that they are going to be truthful to you and you'd be truthful to them. do not rush right into a marriage because of the fact 'society' tells you you will possibly desire to be married. Getting married is a sizable step and that is not something you ought to play with. in case you have verbal exchange subjects - beware and attach that throughout the time of the previous you get married. If hes stable at saving $ and your not - make a compromise considering that could might reason problems interior the destiny. Or in case you adult adult males the two suck at saving $ would be caught in debt. you ought to think of of all and sundry of those issues and extra in the previous you get married.

  • 10 years ago

    All I c an think of is Green Card, but that was late 80's or early 90's . . .

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I'd say Just go with it, but that's pretty new (I think 2011), so I guess it's not.

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