Would Australia ever have liked New Zealand as a state?

A few quick facts:

If New Zealand was another Australian state:

1. Most of the Wallabies would be kiwis.

2. At times, there would have been a large number of kiwi cricketers in the Aussie squad (Think Taylor, McCullum, Bond, Vettori, Fleming, perhaps Oram and Styris would get the odd call up)

3. They would have 33 MPs in the Federal Parliament and 12 Senators.

4. In the mid 2000s Helen Clark probably would have knifed Kim Beazley and won the Federal Election.

5. Peter Jackson would take a massive share of national film funding (I know Australia was a chore to watch, but imagine how much worse it would have been if it was called 'New Zealand')

6. Every government form would ask if you were of 'Aboriginal, Torres Straight Islander or Maori descent)

7. You'd pick up the tab for every kiwi on the dole, not just the ones with the gumption to board a trans tasman flight.

Anyway, talk!!

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    Australia initially invited New Zealand to join the federation along with the other six Australian colonies. New Zealand chose to go it alone. Had they chosen differently we might have seen some of the following:

    * There may well be more Kiwis in the Wallabies, but then New Zealand might also have become a big AFL state too in that time. It certainly would be interesting to see how we might have gone in the World Cup soccer with a unified team.

    * In spite of all those MPs, New Zealand would be a little less progressive than she is today. There would be no banning of US warships. They would have sent troops to Iraq and Iran just as Australia did as part of ANZUS obligations. On the plus side, the Maori tribes would have automatically received land rights, over and above provisions made under the treaty of Waitangi, as a result of the Mabo case in Australia.

    * Helen Clark would be a state premier, unless she ran for a federal NZ seat.

    * The Chatham Islands and Kermadec Islands would become external Australian territories.

    * Air New Zealand would have become the third major Australian domestic airline in competition with Qantas and Virgin (and Ansett in past years). During the financial crisis they might even have merged with Qantas.

    * People smugglers would now target New Zealand too.

    * New Zealand would gain a more comprehensive universal healthcare system. Their students would gain access to government loans for university study (more so than they do now).

    * New Zealand would have gained another tier of government in the form of Shire and City councils. They would also have gained a postal code system at least 50 years before the one they have now.

    * The New Zealand telephone system would use country code 61. All their phone numbers would now be 8 digits long.

    * Australians would be speaking with more of a Kiwi twang. Kiwis would be speaking with more of an Australian accent.

    * New Zealand would not have had a GST until many years later.

    * New Zealand would have a far worse problem with possums than she does now (and other illegally imported Australian wildlife).

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    Australia did actually invite NZ to join the original federation, but NZ refused.

    re: 7: Kiwis can no longer get the dole in the way you mention, but many don't know that, and still turn up at Centrelink, only to get turned away.... :) :)

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    the australian constitution names new zealand as a prposed state in a country called australasia. it was the only colony to vote no.otherwise it would have been one of the original states

  • No. Never in a month of Sundays would we want NZ as a additional state. They would only be a drain, on this country, financially. The inhabitants of NZ can't make a thing of it in their own country now. Can you imagine what it would be like if they were unrestricted in relation to having access to our welfare system!! They would flood the system, just like they tried doing a few years back & Australia had to change all the rules to stop them bludging on the system.

    Australia has taken on Christmas Is, Cocos Is, Norfolk Is, Torres Strait Is & Tasmania, at great expense, so lets leave NZ to the locals that are still remaining on those islands & let them fare for themselves.

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  • 8 years ago

    In my opinion in fact NZ always was like a kind of state of Australia.

  • bad idea!

  • Anonymous
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