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what channel does the powerball come on in illinois?

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  • pdq
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    9 years ago
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    Directly from the Illinois Lottery website:

    "When are the winning Lottery numbers picked?

    We draw the winning Lottery numbers live every evening at 9:22 p.m. at WGN-TV studios in Chicago. Chicago's WBBM Radio (780 AM on the dial, as they say) also broadcasts the drawing live. Winning numbers also appear inmost daily newspapers in Illinois, as well as in USA Today. Lottery Retailers are also a good source of information. Just ask, and they'll be happy to tell. Or, if you'd rather not leave the house,call 1-800-252-1775."

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    Illinois Powerball Drawing

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    its on 11 differant channels arounnd fla, ita a big state, figure out where you are in fla and then see source

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