Trying to decide on an Espresso/Coffee Machine?

I'm going away to college and while I'm not a big coffee drinker I LOVE lattes and the like. I'm trying to decide between 3 different machines.

The Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima

The Breville Brewing System

The Nespresso Citiz Machine

I like the variety of the K-cups that the Breville offers the best, as I'm sure with over 200 different flavors for different drinks, including iced drinks, I can find something I like but if I do get that machine I'd also have to get a milk frother... Whereas the Lattissima has a frother included and the Citiz comes with one.

I guess it just comes down to what would be the best choice? I think for simpleness in mind the Lattissima would be best but as far as variety the Breville would win hands down...

On another note: The Breville supposedly has quiet-brew technology, which I'm sure my roommate would love me for whereas the Nespresso machines sound like a tractor is rolling through the room...

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  • Ken
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    9 years ago
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    For less than another $100 beyond the cost of the Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima, you could get a full-fledged super-auto such as DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic.

    If you love lattes and can afford a super-auto, you (and your friends) will love the convenience and quality of the drinks they produce. The higher cost of a super automatic is due to precise machinery that carefully regulates temperature and pressure at the right levels and durations to produce high-quality espresso like at Starbucks.

    Note that some people claim to do it all themselves with presses etc, but getting to the level of proficiency and having to fuss for a cup of coffee/espresso/latte can be real impediments on days when you just want it without trouble or delay.

    Source(s): "Which is the best super automatic espresso machine?"
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Don't get any of them.

    You don't need an expensive coffee maker that runs on pods or K-cups to make espresso, mocha drinks, or lattes.

    Machines that run on pods or K-cups DO NOT make good cups of coffee IME. Yes they're electronic, and fancy with all the bells and whistles and all the rage now but I can make better coffee with a $4 Melitta plastic coffee maker that you put a paper filter into and put fresh ground coffee beans into and pour hot water over.

    If you really want an espresso maker get one like a friend of mine has where you can put ground espresso in it and it will make the espresso for you and you can add chocolate syrup or steam milk to make a latte or mocha.

    Or you could get the type I have which is a simple Stovetop espresso maker or Moka pot and that will make espresso as long as you have a stove.

    Or if you're in a dorm room and not a house/apt or somewhere with a stove you can just get a simple coffee maker that you plugin and add water to and add steamed milk that you make in a microwave, mix in chocolate syrup to make a mocha.

    Source(s): I've used a lot of different coffee makers over the years and I've used espresso machines and K-cups.
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