Which company is older? Honda or Hyundai?

This guy tells me that Hyundai is a older company then Honda. I remembers that Hyundai sold there first cars in the late 1980's. Hondas been around since the 1960's. 1980>1960, 1960<1980. I mean Hyundai is a knock off of the name Honda!!! LOL! This guy must be a idiot to think the Hyundai is older then Honda! Is this guy a idiot or is Hyundai is older then Honda?


Dayton, See Dr peppers agrees with me and hes a doctor. Honda is older its two against one. 2>1 1<2.

Update 2:

Alan, why you being so mean. Stop being a meanie! lets not be technical about things! Hyundai copies HONDA. HYUNDAI, stop copying other people inteletual properties. The word Hyundai sounds to much like Honda. Use names like Kim, or Min so people dont accidantally bye Hyundais in stead of Hondas!

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    Hyundai!!!! is older.

    Look in http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/H... for Hyundai.

    For Honda, http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/H...

    Hyundai was founded in 1947. Honda was founded in 1948. Just because Honda made engine longer than Hyundai does NOT mean Honda is older! I am afraid that wikipedia is accurate in this case! LOL!

    And how is the word Hyundai a knock off of Honda? Tim Soo Hoo, maybe you should keep your mouth shut because it just shows your ignorance. The other guy is correct about Hyundai being older than Honda. You are the idiot, not him. You are wrong, not him!

    And learn to spell (it is "that's" not "thats"). Because that's all you know! LOL!

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    Are you kidding???? Hyundai is an older company. It's been around since 1947 and Honda's been around in 1948. 1947 < 1948, 1948>1947. 1948-1947=1. Look in wikipedia You are the idiot! An so are the others that believe that Honda is an older company. Just because Honda built cars before Hyundai does NOT make Honda an older company. Maybe you should listen to what others say and learn about what they say and verify what you think before you call others idiots.

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    If you did a wiki on both companies this open to debate. Hyundai 1947 but waited til 1967 to build cars. Honda 1948 building motorcycles but not cars until 1963. How is the name a knock off with Hyundai being Korean and Honda being Japanese. Is this guy an idiot? Think not.

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    lol.... Wikipedia not accurate, but i always go with honda lol...honda has been building engines way longer than hyundai, thats all i know

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