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reproductive organs taken out and what would happen ? confused.. help.?

What would happen if a girl / women got there reproductive organs surgically removed? like i know they wouldnt have there periods anymore. and so would that lead to them not being able to get pregnant and have a baby? also would they still be able to pee ? or get fingered and stuff? im asking this because i just found out that celebrities get there vaginas taking out / there reproductive organs taken out so they dont have there periods. so i was wondering if that happens to any other normal person (not famous) would they still be able to do the things i asked up there ^_^ ,(like what goes on ''down there'') also if a person not like forced / they had to , why would they have them removed?? sorry for all the questions, but this question keeps me wondering so please answer. thanks.

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    Hey Liz. If there is no medical need for the removal of female reproductive organs, there are probably no surgeons who would even consider the surgery. I highly doubt that celebrities are getting their uteruses removed just so they don't have their period. Perhaps you've gotten some misleading info? As for women who have had the unfortunate need to have their reproductive organs removed, the vagina is not removed. The surgeon removes the uterus, then sews the vagina closed at the top (where the cervix was) to make a "blind" pouch. Sex would still be possible in this case, as there is a remaining vaginal canal. The woman would still be able to urinate, as the bladder is entirely separate from the vagina and uterus/ovaries. The bladder is connected to the outside of the body by a separate tube (called the urethra), and would be unaffected by this type of surgery. Hope this answers all your questions!

    Source(s): I'm a registered nurse.
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    No, it can't, though it might put you off sex with anyone of the same gender as your "abuser". But, Hunny, snap out of this. You're brooding over the thing and that's what's causing the trouble. That sort of episode used to be called the game of doctors and nurses. In former times, before everyone clammed up and the Vigilante Mommies of America started their anti-sex campaign, almost every kid experienced something like that; it was part of a normal childhood. Seeing someone naked is the most natural thing in the world, after all. You are really making a mountain out of a molehill and turning this into some sort of "career", maybe because you cannot accept your self as a lesbian.

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  • Orla C
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    Having your reproductive organs removed means that you would not be able to bear children. It would mean no pregnancies and no babies.The name of the operation is 'hysterectomy'.

    Of course you'd be able to pee. That has nothing to do with your reproductive organs.

    Celebrities get hysterectomies to avoid getting periods? This I doubt. Too many of them get pregnant later. I think someone was pulling your leg there.

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  • Steph
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    I havent heard of this as a celeb trend...

    It is major surgery, It will stop your periods, you wouldnt be able to get pregnant either.

    It would remove your womb, tubes, ovaries. You can still pee as it doesnt remove your bladder.

    And you can have sex as normal, as your vagina will still be there.

    It is only normally performed for medical reasons, or stelisation when you dont want or cant phsyically have any more children.

    I do hope this question is just to stop you wondering, as you are obviously young I hope you are not considering it. At least not til your alot older. x

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