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Why is my best friend so interested in my relationship?

I'm in Tenth grade, and have been dating my boyfriend, Chris, for nearly a year and a half now. Chris was always in our friendship group, with a few of his friends and a few of mine. But ever since we got together, my friend Hannah, who's in the same group, has been kind of.... obsessed with us?

Me, Hannah and Chris have nearly all the same classes together, so when we finish classes and go to our "area" to hang out at lunch,it's just us three until the others arrive. Chris is pretty "touchy-feely" (not in a dirty way!) and likes to put his arm around my waist, stand behind me and put both arms in front, you know, that kind of thing.

Most people would be a bit more self preserved and would shuffle off to the bathroom or say they needed to grab a soda from the cafeteria or something, but Hannah just sits there and watches us!

For example, the other day, Chris leant forward and gave me a quick kiss, and Hannah was just standing there, all soppy eyed and going, "Awww! That is the cutest thing!" like she's watching some romance movie or something. Chris finds it funny (if a little weird) but it really pisses me off.

It's not just that, Hannah asks really inappropriate, perosnal questions about our relationship. Mostly when we walk home together. My other friend, Maggy, walks home with me and Chris too, and normally puts Hannah in check, but Hannah is REALLY thick-skinned.

She asks says things like:

"I read in this tabloid, that you can have sexual intercourse from the age of TWELVE! I mean, technically,say if you two started at twelve, for an example, how long would you have know...doing it?"

I find it so annoying, like she's invading our privacy as a couple.I just want her to leave me and Chris alone! Why is she doing this and how can I get her to stop?

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    Hanna is living vicariously through you and your guy. She may not be able to attract someone yet, and so she has you to experience this through. She does not mean any harm. She is just being nosy and she likes you as a friend. I am sure that she wants the best for you.

    Some people, and many girls love to talk over all the relationship things. Just tell her very nicely that this bothers you and that you like her as a friend, but that this is something that you wish she would stop doing.

    She is just being who she is and being a girl who likes to watch romance movies and such. She is a girly, girly girl. That is who she is. I bet she has many good qualtities that you enjoy so be happy that she is your friend and tell her your feelings on this and go from there.

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    Yeah that is realy creepy, annoying and inappropriate! I wouldn't want my friends that interested in my relationship. That is so nosy its like she has no life of her own. But don't be too hard on her. Maybe she's just lonely or maybe she needs a boyfriend OR she's probably jealous. However you didn't really mention anything about jealousy. Anyway you need to confront her. Call her over at your house or meet up someone and talk to her one on one. Tell her exactly how you feel. Tell her that the little comments and her standing and staying at you and your boyfriend is annoying and uncomfortable. Just tell her in a nice way but make sure she understands. And you might want to ask her why she does.

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    I believe she either likes Chris or is jealous of your relationship (most likely). There is not any easy way that you can get her to stop asking questions. If i was you i would start to ignore her every time she asks a question about your relationship and instead change the topic. After a while she will probably get the picture, if she doesnt then i would simply say to her Hannah I'm sorry but its our relationship so could you please stop asking us questions.

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  • She is an cockblocker and she likes chris as well because of all the things she are saying snd doin

    Just stop being her friend

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    lol i had a friend like that....i put her *** in check my damn self....i mean at first it's cool but yall been together 1 and a half...that's unacceptable sweetie..well to me it is...she should only be involved if you ask for her opinion or if you start talking to her about some advice...but other then that it's NO NO !

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    shes probablly doing it because she wants someone like tht for her..i think she wuld stop if u found her a boyfriend or someone to hook her up with

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    tell her to back off and just leave you two alone its not her relationship... maybe shes jealous

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