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public sector unions?

What's your opinion on public sector unions and the fact that they bargain with tax-payer money?

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  • Hobbit
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    9 years ago
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    Since I believe in a free market capitalist system, I support pblic sector unions. Any othe rposition is socialism.

    Hree's why:

    A government is an economic player. When it comes to hiring workers, you can either treat them like any other potnetial employer -- or place the government in a priivleged position, not subject to the samer rules as everybody else (again, tht'ss socialism).

    The source of funding (taxpayer money) is not relevant. Management, whether of a government or a company, has the responsibility to spend money responsibly. Not look at the other end -- the worker/job applicant. In a free market economy, the worker bargains for the best deal from an employre he/she can get. AGAIN, saying a worker shldn't do that when the job happens to e a government position is placing the government in a privileged position, exempting it from esponding to free market forces such as supply and demand.

    Wherre unions come in is simple. Granted, a particular union cna be abusinve -- but so can particular government managers. The union provides a check aganst the greater power of managers who by definitionn are a collectie group by enabling workers to act together in bargining. Also --and this is KEY -- once an agreement is reached, it is secured by a binding legal contract --just as is any othe ragreement in a free market economy. Saying thee should be no contract that is neotiated on an equal basis and binding on both parties is to adopt a fundamentally socialist view that posits determining wages based on edicts handed down by faceless bureaucrats -- the system used in the old Soviet Union where therr wer no labor unions.

    Now--aout current situations. A LOT of state governments are facing a crisis becasue they have agreed to terms -- pensions, wages, benefits -- they cannot afford. Most often, thhis is due to agreeing to long term benefits withot mandating full funding (shifting the cost to future payers, in other words) or to signing off on above-market wages and benefits.

    That's not the unions' fault. They simply sent in the best negotiators they could find to cut the best deal they could get. State governments could have done the same. Bu tthe bottom line is they didn't . They got out-bargained. What we need is not "bannign public sector unions." Whatwe need is to fire the so-called managerment people who signed off on those contracts and get some people in state government with the balls to negotiate hard and come up with fair but affordable conttracts. If the bureaucrats now whining about unions had done tha t in the first place -- if they had done their jobs -- we wouldn't have this problem.

    The answer isn't socialism. It's getting negotiators who cna drive a good bargain in a free labor market instead of hiding behind socialist laws banning public sector unions.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I've always been an advocate for Unions and workers rights. But I think they should bargain with their own money. Unions were created during the Gilded Age where businesses paid workers by the cents and controlled their lives. Unions have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans. Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to openly support the unions during a Coal Mine strike. FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and JFK also supported the workers. It wasn't until Reagan and the modern Republicans that they were demonized as Communist.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don`t care where the money comes from. Our fading generations should have the morals to pay what they would want to get paid in the first place. The fact that we have unions is proof of the flaws in the fading generations.

  • cubelo
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    3 years ago

    The taxpayers pay the government, the government pays the staff. the staff press for larger salaries and use union dues to pay marketing campaign contributions for politicians who help their reason. The baby-kisser thank you the staff and rewards them with larger salaries. Then the staff thank them with extra marketing campaign donations. Who pays for all this back slapping? no longer the infant-kisser, this is not his money he's promising away. no longer the worker, the two, who have been given the money from the government. this is the tax payer who has no voice in the approach and keeps getting informed pay extra or you may bypass to penal complex.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They don't care about anyone but themselves. Their mindset is who cares if everyone has a 7.25 dollar and hour job just as long as I get my guaranteed 30 bucks an hour. It's a racket, they should be purged from the face of the earth in my opinion.

  • 9 years ago

    All llabor unions, both public and private, need to be abolished. They inhibit the free market and capitalism in general.

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