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How do you deal with a guy with a neutral personality?!?

This guy is so weird. Any attempt to flirt, kid around, or get to know him, he just deflects it. Not in a rude way, he just kind of dismisses it.

This guy seems so emotionless, in his face and his responses, which irritates me. I've never seen him smile ever, just a few smirks when I see him talking to people he knows that come into the shop.

How do you deal with people like this and what makes them tick?

A detailed answer would be greatly appreciated. I want to understand this guy.

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    I worked with a woman that was like that. She seemed cold, she seemed unfriendly. People made fun of her and chose to not like her. Everyday I said Hi to her, I asked how she was doing, I would sit with her at lunch and talk to her even if she didn't have much to say. I just worked with her by showing her kindness and friendship.

    One day a supervisor took me a side and told me how I changed this woman's life and attitude. They said that they had never seen her smile or talk to anyone until I came a long. She had a social personality disorder and she was literally afraid to talk to people or be around them. She lacked emotion. One day she actually got the courage to start facing the public. She worked in the kitchen because that is where she felt safe. One day she told me that she wanted to work out on the sales floor with me. She was afraid at first, but then she warmed up, got the hang of it and the last time I heard, she was living a happy and better life.

    Just play it cool with him. Avoid the flirting and joking stuff. Just start saying hi to him and strike conversations if it is possible you may or may not break the ice.

    I hope that helps

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    This is one of the few legitimate times when a guy is "not ready for a relationship right now."

    You may be pretty and fun and sweet, but he just has other things going on in his life that he does not want to share because they can be pretty bad things. Maybe someone close to his is dying and he doesn't want to share the sadness, so he keeps quiet about it, though it is tearing him up inside. Be happy that he is polite. You can give him occasional flirts, and if he is ready, he will respond. It's also possible that you are just not his type or he didn't feel a spark when you chatted.

    Don't take it personally. It happens.

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    Just leave him alone. He's obviously not interested and prefers to keep himself to himself.

    He sounds like he has what you call a Schizoid personality type. Schizoids generally prefer their own company and often appear very withdrawn and emotionless.

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    Maybe he has Aspergers syndrome. sometimes people with that have trouble reading social cues.

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    I think he has asperger's...

    (there is nothing to do except to tell the funniest jokes you have, and make him'll be hard though)

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    He sees through your BS, he knows you just want to exploit him.

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