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What is the best lipstick/blush for my skin tone?

I have almost the exact same skin tone as Katherine...and my full name is Katherine...and I have blonde hair...and brown nose is just a little big, compared to hers...o.O but anyway, I need to know the best shade of lip color and blush...and also does anyone know how to make the eyes look like this: ...maybe a little less dramatic, so it can be wearable for school? Thank you, dear yahoo answers ♥ o;


Should the lipstick be the exact same color as the blush?

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    Seeing as you are a 'cool' underlying skin tone, here is what I'd recommend:

    Blush-Choose pink rather than peach tones, but keep the effect soft and natural by avoiding bright, fuchsia pinks. Blush will save you from looking drained. Soft pink and plum blushers are your best bet.

    Lips-You can't go wrong with rose-pink. Bubblegum pink and cherry red will suit you too.


    Bubblegum pink

    Rose pink

    Cherry red


    1)Use soft grays and whites to create a smoky eye

    2)Blend in color on bottom lashes. For color on the bottom you'll want to use a eyeliner pencil because they're easiest to smudge.

    3)Once the line is drawn, run your finger over it to smudge the line. You can also apply a bit of shadow to get full smudge effect.

    4)Apply light base color. I prefer a nice cream shade for my base. Sweep a light, shimmery shadow over the lids to your browbone.

    5)Blend in darker color, but keep dark color below the crease. Now that you have the base and eyeliner on, it's time to get the smokey effect. You need a darker eyeshadow shade. Using an eyeshadow brush blend in color starting at your lash line, blending up. Make sure to blend color into the lash line so the eye liner disappears. Stop deep color at crease. The key here is to blend, blend, blend.

    Good Luck


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    I wager your quality guess could be to visit an precise makeup counter and feature them take a look at extraordinary reds on you, there are reds with extraordinary bases, like red base, orange base, and many others.. I have a olive dermis tone and I used to be matched with a MAC VIVA GLAM lipstick, however it rather will depend on what your secure with. The girl on the counter first attempted lipstick colours at the best of my hand to look which colour complemented my dermis essentially the most, after which narrowed it down to some reds with matching lipliners. Good Luck!!

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    Try these colors:

    Lipstick-Powder Pink, Deep Red, Peach

    Blush-Rose Pink, Deep Red, Light Pink

    And as for the eyes, start with a thick black eyeliner on the edge of your eyes, wing out the edges, and use a gray and purple powder for the top, blend with your fingertip.

    Hope this helps dear! : )

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    I would say a light berry pink could look simple and great. This color cam bring out your skim tone and is a great summer shade!

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    Just try them and see what you like

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