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How do I comment to the answers to my Question?

I am still kind of new to Yahoo Answers and I hope I don't sound stupid asking this but how do I comment about the answers to a question I asked?? I tried Edit but you can only add on to your question. Is there any way to do it so it will appear underneath the answers given.


I want to comment about Simpatica's answer to my question, can I do so and how would I do it. That is the question I am asking above

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    This is a one question and multiple answer format. You ask one question and receive multiple answers. Commenting is a violation of the answer-question format. What you are asking about is actually not allowed, it's called chatting.

    Some people risk a violation by doing this: Let's say some guy named Jake answers your question. What some users do is put "@Jake, blah blah blah" into the additional details. Jake may never return to the question, some do though.

    If they have their email open, you can email them directly.


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Those messages under your question are called answers. You cannot answer your own question you can only use the Add Details feature which you have already figured out how to do.

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