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請各位大大幫幫忙~我需要製作康乃馨的材料和製作方法!!(請加上英文翻譯或直接用英文 謝~)

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    1. Lay out seven or eight 8-by-11 inch sheets of crepe paper on top of one another, narrow side facing you.


    2. Working from the narrow end, take the bottom edge of the pile of paper and fold it up to meet the top edge.

    3. Fold in half again.


    4. Trim bottom corners so they are rounded, but do not cut across the bottom of the petal. They will be unfolded along that line. Slash the straight edge to about a third of the way down the petal so that you will be able to ruffle it later.


    5. Take the petals you rounded in step four of section one and open them along the fold line.


    6. Pinch the center of the petals along with the center of the green pipe cleaner. Fold the pipe cleaner in half so that the two ends of the pipe cleaner are touching and the loop at the top goes around the pinched petals. Twist the pipe cleaner near the top of the loop so that it pinches the petals together very tightly, then continue twisting the pipe cleaner together all the way to the ends.

    7. Carefully twist and pull each petal into place so that the flower is very ruffled. Shake it back and forth when you are done to poof it up even more.


    source: (我最愛上的美國網站之一)

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