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Why is Russia known as a land empire? How did it acquire its empire?


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    Russia was known as a land empire (it is not the Russian Federation, and is not considered an Empire) because apart from a few islands, the majority of the empire was contiguous - i.e. it was all connected.

    Russia's history is one of invasion and dominance by outsiders. Russia has never had secure borders, there is no great river or desert, no huge mountain ranges to mark where Russia ends and abroad begins. Because of this Russia has a history of expanding. As a territory was absorbed and Russified it then became not a borderland but part of Russia, and Russia felt the need to expand to protect it. This cycle went on for about three centuries as Russia expanded to fill the void left by the collapse of the Mongol Hordes. And by 1639 they had reached the Pacific Ocean.

    Another perennial Russian concern was the lack of a warm water port. All her ports froze over in winter preventing trade and military excursions. So Russia expanded to find a port that did not freeze.

    Both these historic concerns played a factor in the Soviet Union's expansion into Eastern Europe after WWII.

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    Russia acquired such a fast empire because, unlike most empires they had little opposition in Siberia and Central Asia. And it would be called a land empire since it had no over seas territories other then Alaska and I believe Port Arthur which was in China but not connected to the main empire.

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    Most countries acquire an Empire by conquering lands in other continents. For example the British Empire of the 19th-20th century had territories in Africa, Asia, America and Australia. Russia built its empire by invading neighbouring nations such as the Ukraine, the Baltic States etc all of which extended Russia's borders.

    How did it acquire the empire - mostly through war.

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    Well, countries are usually either a land empire or sea empire. Britain has their empire due to their sea power, Russia has/had her empire based upon the power and/or size of their armies.


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