Easy DIY ways to decorate your room (ex. shelving ,make your own rugs?Fun storage? ideas for posters?)????

We just moved and i want to make my room ,well, my room. i cant buy anything for it cuz im saving up for something else and im to impatient to paint the walls yet so i need some cool fun ideas on decorating ( please don't say reorganize, i just moved y would i need to do that?) and its a smallish room so nothing to big.Please help, thnx

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  • 9 years ago
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    One easy and cheap way is to go to your local fabrics shop (such as Hancocks) and find a print and color that you like. You can find them pretty cheap if you hunt around. Also pick up some liner or foam material (find a thickness that you like) to help give whatever you are making a bit of a "puffy" look. Use the fabric to make a picture board, cover for your dresser top, cover for the top of your nightstand, etc. Simply take some very thick cardboard, or a small piece of plywood (Home depot sells precut pieces that are about 2 ft x 3 ft). Cover the cardboard or plywood with the liner material. Then cut out enough material so that it can overlap on all sides by at least an inch. Place the fabric over the liner and wood, then pull snug arond to the back and fasten into place either by hot glue, staples, tacks, duct tape, or whatever. If you are making a picture board, you will also have to pick up a hanger tab to put on the back side so you can hang it on your wall. When you are done with it you can tack up pictures of your friends, family, dog, etc on it and it looks pretty neat! If you are making a top for your night stand or dresser, simply lay it on the top of the furniture when you are done and then place your items on top of it (pictures, radio, alarm clock, jewelry box etc).

    My daughter is into zebra print, so we did this in her room. It turned out looking pretty cool. I think we ended up spending about $30 for everything and it gave her room a cool and totally different look.

    You can also use the fabric to wrap items, such as decorative candles (the type with a glass shell) to use as accents in the room. Just take a look around your room/house and try to find items that would be safe to wrap that you are ok with gluing or taping things to them. With a little effort, you can also wrap picture frames to match. ;)

    Hope this helps!

  • 4 years ago

    Liquid starch to adhere wallpaper/fabric to walls. It will just peel up no damage to walls. Also blue tack it will not damage walls but it will only hold items as light as posters. Why not add plastic or silk flowers/ivy to the frame of the mirror? You could accent your wardrobe frame also and twine ivy or flowers up the support/legs of your desk chair. Get a cardboard box (large like humongous, pack your storage into it, and throw a fabric tablecloth on it.) Nobody will know. This has a lot more ideas!

  • 4 years ago

    Here are literally thousands of organized woodworking projects in a members area and all you have to do is get them off your computer any time you want. Go here https://tr.im/9GP17

    There are thousands of plans so decide which one you are going to tackle next. The choice is yours to make so just click on the proper button for the specific project and then they are right there for you to pick one. The diagrams and instructions will be right there in the computer for you to access at any time or if you prefer you can print them out.

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