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7mood asked in TravelEurope (Continental)Turkey · 9 years ago

Why is Israel helping the Kurd in Turkey?

Okay so basically the Kurds claim that the Turks are occupying their land, kind of similar to what the palestinians are claiming. so normally you expect the people who scream for freedom (Palestinians and Kurds) will feel sympathy towards each-other and the occupiers (Turkey & Israel) will also support each other, but the case is totally the opposite. kurds are allying with the Israel and supporting it more than palestinians (while kurds still do not hate palestinians) and turkey is allying with and feel sympathy Palestinians (while turkey is still having relations with Israel) lately Turkey is accusing Israel of helping kurdish rebellions and Israel is accusing Turkey of helping palestinians rebellions.

Can someone please explain me this weird alliances?

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  • JADE
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    9 years ago
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    Turkey is occupying her own lands? That doesn't make sense. Kurds have every right as other people in Turkey. The problem with them is they have been used by any nation for centuries. Why not Israel now? Israel for sure will use them and turn her back when the job is done.

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  • 9 years ago

    Israel is helping Kurdish thugs because it (together with US) wants to make use of Kurds to suppress and encircle Iran and Syria. At the time when their job with them ends those people will be thrown to dustbin just like a used toilet paper.

  • Cihan
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    9 years ago

    Palestinians want to be free - for being free they need to fight with Israelis

    Kurds want to be free - for being free they need to accompany with Israelis ( cheaper weapon etc... )

    Why you think that it is complicated ?

    Oh if you wanna have some provocated answers, sure you will get some...

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  • Desado
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    9 years ago

    Why does Israel support PKK, terrorist organization, against Turkey? " i googled kurdish and israeli and it turns out that there is no link between both people. Moreover,both people have different religion, one of them is jewish,other one is muslim or has different religious.

    After DAVOS debut ,6 turkish soldier were killed by Israel and PKK cooperation.

    Davos debute is below

    I know the reason behind raising your voice is because of the guilty psychology," Mr Erdogan said to Peres. "My voice will not be that loud, you must know that."

    "When it comes to killing -- you know killing very well. I know how you hit, kill children on the beaches."

    He then left the stage, complaining that Peres was receiving preferential treatment

  • Edvin
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    9 years ago

    Do you have any proofs to back up everything you say?

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