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Which is the most powerful, the most effective, the most lethal and faster .380 acp ammo that you know?

I heard about one called Buffalo Bore, most people say that's very effective and powerful .380 acp ammo ¿what do you think?

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    Buffalo Bore does have some hot loads, but they don't perform better than any other premium loads.

    The best I have seen in 380 in Corbon's 80gr DPX. It penetrates nearly 11 inches in ballistics gel and expands out to about .645". If you are looking for wound-ability, thats real good. But If you are just looking for penetration- then any FMJ will penetrate 15-17". Buffalo Bore's 100 gr hard cast may penetrate more.

    Most powerful does not equal most effective or most lethal.

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    Magsafe makes good small caliber defensive ammo such as the .380.

    Another line of thought is that no matter what, the .380 cartridge is underpowered and you should use FMJ ammunition in order to get the maximum penetration into the vitals of the target that you can get. I am not one that holds to that believe.

    I feel that any good quality Hollow Point cartridge will serve you well. Personally, I use Speer Gold Dot's in my carry pistols almost exclusively. But I know that this cartridge will function in all of them 100% of the time. And that is the most important criteria - that the individual gun function with the ammunition carried.

    Check any major manufacturers catalog of .380 ACP and you will find they all carry quality hollow point, and or +P .380 ammo. Use the one that shoots best through your specific gun.

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    One thing about ammunition is that it shoots differently in different pistols. My suggestion would be that you try different brands in your pistol and see which is the most accurate. You can shoot the fastest and most powerful but if you can't hit what you're aiming at all you have is an expensive paperweight...and one that isn't that heavy. Power is wasted if it doesn't hit the target and a .22 long rifle in the center of the bullseye is more powerful than a .44 magnum that misses.

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    Corbon I think, but it didn't work well in my gun. Hornady XTP Critical Defense works like a dream for me, very accurate, less blast.

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