Brakes not working right on 1988 Chevy pickup?

I bought the truck from a tire dealer who claims he put $150 into the brakes but when you go to stop it is like when your master cylinder is going out or like you brake pads are wearing out. Since a garage worked on it I am wondering what the problem could be? When you press on the brakes it goes to the floor and you need to press hard. Any answers? Tom

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  • Kevi
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    10 years ago
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    You may have more than one problem.Excessive pedal travel can be caused by worn out brake shoes , or worn out drums or improperly adjusted shoes or combinations of all three.If the pedal is spongy , its air in the brake lines/master cylinder/calipers/wheel cylinders.You are going to have to pull it apart to inspect everything, you will need some specifications and tools to measure .You should be able to get a service manual from your library, for the specs.

    Source(s): over 25 years in the auto industry
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