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Motorcycle with highest MPG?

This has been asked a few times already but, What motorcycle has the best mpg? and I mean on highway and city. Oh and a moped, scooter, dirt bike, or a bike with an engine does Not constitute as a motorcycle, or at least not to me. Thanks!

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    The fuel injected 125cc Hero Honda Glamour would in my opinion be the undisputed mileage champion. It gives a 77 km in regular city rides and much much more on the highway. It is slightly on the expensive side but hey you can recover that when you are riding, right ?

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    Highest Mpg Motorcycles

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    Past or present. Sold in U.S. or abroad. Triumph used to make an 80cc 3 speed motorcycle that got around 200 mpg. In 2006 Kawasaki made a 125cc Eliminator that got 110 mpg. But, there are so many small displacement motorcycles in India and China. Kymco makes a 97cc motorcycle that only sells in china. Gets around 120 mpg. In the U.S. the Rebel will get 90 mpg if you hold it's speed below 50 mph.

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    The best MPG bike I have ever ridden was the Kawasaki Eliminator 125. Please be aware that if ride an Eliminator you will likely get squashed and humiliated by cars and other bikes. This bike has no power, comparitively speaking. I have a Suzuki Marauder 800 that gets around 50MPG. You can either go for the slowest, most docile bike and get major MPG or you can go with something that is middle-of-the road and still get better mileage than you could expect with any car.

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    Any fuel injected 250 or 125cc engine will get GREAT mpg's.

    You wanna go for the fuel injection because you will get better then if it has a carburetter.

    I would probably say the new Honda CBR 250 will get 70-75 mpg.

    I have a friend with a 2008 Ninja 250, he claims it gets 55-60 mpg.

    Oh and btw I hope yaren'tent going for speed here.....the average car will outrun a 250 :p

    My 08 G6 outran that little 250!

    But best of luck to ya friend!!!

    Source(s): I have much experince with motorcycles and engines
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    Royal Enfield EFI Bullet.

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