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BASKETBALL: Are there any teams/players in particular that are causing this lockout?

because i swear ima snipe them.

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    Basically the owners, Michael Smith explained it perfectly on Around The Horn(I don't remember if it was yesterday, or a couple of days ago).

    The owners focus on player-salaries, and make problems there, but that's not the fundamental problem of the NBA.

    It's revenue-sharing, if they create a decent model of revenue-sharing, all the smaller-teams can run a decent organization, without a lot of change to the salaries.

    All of this mess, is down to the owners, and management, because they created this weird 'over-pay' culture for promising, or mysterious players(that only pan-out half the time), and have shown no interest in great talent.

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    The owners want more money, while the players want to keep the old Collective Bargaining Contract, where they'll continue to earn a lot of money.

    It comes down to salary distribution. If the owners get their way, you'll expect the player's earnings to drop significantly.

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    South Beach, Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas, the Lakers, the Mavericks, and #1: RASHARD LEWIS. That's my opinion.

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    Lebron James and the Whole Miami Heat Organization

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    Yes, overpaid undeserving players and also owners.

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    Lol thts what i wanna kno

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