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SUG / THE KIDDIE 所有歌 (包括新專輯)

SUG 所有歌


包括他們發的新專輯裡的歌 !

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  • 10 years ago
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    東京歡樂大飯店 (TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTEL) 1. gr8 story2. Life2 Die3. BlockParty MonstAr4. 39GalaxyZ5. 武士道 - bushido - FREAKY6. UMBILICAL7. 薰8. P!NKmasquerade.9. L.E.DGhosty10. KARMADISCORD11. 16bit HERO 212. littlelover boy13. dot.0小惡魔 (Sparkling) 小惡魔 SparklingFive Starz ~ 五枚目俳優 ~ R. P. G. ~ Rockin' Playing Game 1. R.P. G. ~ Rockin' Playing Game2. Don'tstop da music 無條件幸福論 1. 無條件幸福論Crazy Bunny Coaster 1. CrazyBunny Coaster2. NOOUT NO LIFE海盜遊樂船 (Thrill Ride Pirates)1. WelcomeII2. mad$ hip3. R.P. G. ~ Rockin' Playing Game 4. CrazyBunny Coaster 5. FunkyIdiot 6. FastFood Hunters 7. PimpMy Cars 8. ExtremeFall9. 無條件幸福論 (Album Version) 10. 輕吻之約 11. TRiPbeats12. 小惡魔 Sparkling13. UltraSpin Tea Party14. RocketWorld 15. Scramble我的道路 ☆ GiMMExGiMME ☆ 1. ☆ GiMME GiMME ☆ 2. 小家子氣的不良少年


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