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Is it legal to own some venomous (hots) reptiles like snakes such as Vipers in the state of California?

Is it legal or illegal to own venomous reptiles especially snakes such as those consisted in the family: Viperidae in the state of California? especially if their native to my state? I'm hoping to "maybe" someday get into keeping hots in the near future when I become a very experienced reptile (snake) keeper and i'm just wondering if Vipers are legal to own in Cali or what about if they are native to such a state then are they legal then? just wondering..... because I want my reptile collection to be consisted of "mainly" these animals: Snakes (Boas, Pythons, Vipers) a maybe a few others such as Colubrids, Monitor Lizards, and Iguanas but are such venomous reptiles legal to own in this state? #VERYCURIOUS?

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    In california IT IS legal to have venomous snakes only if theyre native in california. like rattlesnakes ect... but they are all illegal to sell or buy wthout a permit or licence...

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    The short answer is yes, some hots are legal.

    The long answer: it depends on your location, many cities have strict regulations on venomous reptiles, often banning them outright or requiring permitting. Within the state some species require higher level permitting, (ie Heloderma (Gila Monsters)) but if you're thinking Crotes (rattlers) then CA Department of Fish and Game doesn't require permitting.

    Your best bet if you're looking into getting into hots is to talk with multiple owners/breeders... a great starting source are the various reptile societies throughout the state (CALRIS, Central Valley Herp. Society, etc) to find someone who can help mentor you and will have a more detailed understanding of the laws, regulations and most important safety/security for starting a collection. (If you're bit by your hot you have to pay for the antivenom as its not covered by most insurance companies if its your personal pet, and antivenom is very very expensive... which is the primary reason why I'm not breeding rattlesnakes right now too expensive if I get bit)

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    check with the fish and game but here is what i found if you are asking this i assume you have never kept a venomous snake which if im right then you should not be getting a cobra anyway. they are not beginner snakes and can be very hard to handle. getting one to be cool is a stupid reason i hope thats not why you want one. either way you should have a lot of experience with venomous snakes before getting into elapids. Arizona: Native Venomous: No permit is required, however other restrictions apply. Please contact Arizona Game and Fish Department for all the details Exotic Venomous: Permit is required Protected Native Venomous: Permit required Arizona Game and Fish Permits Coordinator 2221 W. Greenway Road Phoenix, AZ 85023

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    No it is illegal due the owning of snakes in California is known to cause cancer

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    NO! California is very strict! In this case, I agree. No matter how careful one is, accidents do happen. Only licensed zoos and related facilities are allowed.

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    I'm pretty sure that they are. You may need a permit or something, but if you have enough guts, then go for it!! Good luck!!

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