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I am both an adopted child AND a birth Mother...?

I was born in 1972 and placed through Social Services. My son was born in 1989 and placed through Catholic Charities. Does anyone know where to start or what to do / where to look to find any information on my son or my parents. I can't afford to pay anything. I'm barely getting by on disability at this time. Did the Freedom of Information Act open up any avenues for adoptees or birth parents. If anyone has the same situation and / or can give me any information on where to start looking I would be very grateful. Thank you to anyone who responds for trying to help. This is such a BIG unfinished chapter in my life that I would love to close somehow. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you SO much!!!! Mary


Baltimore, Maryland is the answer to all of them. Where I was born and placed and where he was born and placed. As for the 1st answer - they are christians but it was a closed adoption with my son. I only know the couples' first name and approx. area they live(d) in. They gave me nothing when I asked years ago.

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    Hi, The best place to start searching is with the agency that handled the adoption. The agency can open the records and if there's a signed consent form with contact information entered (from your bio parents or son), they will release this. You can also have your contact Information entered in the file.

    Maryland has an adoption reunion registry for all individuals adopted in the state. It is run by the Department of Human Services. There's no charge for registering and fees for searching are based on income. Here's the link explaining the registry:

    You should also register with the following large, free search registries:

    ISRR - largest - download the registration form and mail it in.

    Reunion Registry at

    Adoption Registry Connect (registers by birth state):

    G's Adoption Registry

    There's many other places to register - call up Maryland with the words adoption registry to see more. Also check all the above online registries to see if someone is already looking for you.

    Searching can be a slow process, it takes patience.

    Best Wishes !


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    From my understanding, the Freedom of Information Act varies from state to state. Some states do include adoption records and some do not. It would be wise to look for the individual details in your state. You can do a google search on that! Otherwise, there are steps to looking for your biological family. Outlines the resources and ways to go about finding your bio family. I actually found mine through the agency that handled my adoption. It was a great way to close that chapter of my life, even though my reunion was below my expectations. At least I know where I came from and I feel more thankful that I had the life I had with my adoptive parents.

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    Go join 'cause it's THE best place for adoptees to be, and is chock full of adoptees who've searched and know how to search.

    If you are in USA @

    Click where it says " Before you begin your search." Next, read "Proper way to search, part 1" and then "Proper way to search, part 2." Located on the right column.

    There's also:

    Adoption Search Reunion @

    International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR) @

    GS Adoption Registry @

    Adoption Reunion Registry @

    Register and check back with them often.

    The State/Country where they child was born and adopted may have it's own registry and access laws, so check that out also.

    Also try Facebook, Google, Myspace,, etc.

    General Search Advice @

    Good luck!

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    It sounds such as you have been making plans an "autonomous" adoption- one arranged by utilising birthparent(s) and adoptive determine(s), not by utilising an adoption business enterprise. if so, i don't think of there's a thank you to get money returned. Birthparents can't sign a consent to adoption until eventually after a baby is born for stable motives, and the birthmother usually does not comprehend the full impression of giving up her baby until eventually she provides delivery. that's the factor at which the youngster, and the organic and organic bond they share, substitute into extra deeply genuine to her and the adoption determination should be reconsidered. She might nicely be having emotions she in no way expected, and is suffering to ensure what's the final element to do for the youngster and for herself. are you able to've some information and compassion for her in this subject? i wish so, by way of fact then you definately will have taken a substantial step on your ability to be a stable adoptive determine by way of fact you have empathy for the braveness and loss and emotional struggles of a birthparent making a determination for adoption. i'm sorry your very own hopes have been shattered, and you have had economic loss. have you ever seen different strategies? word at an business enterprise, wait, evaluate the kinds of young infants waiting for properties, see if that decrease danger adoption (by way of an business enterprise) works extra helpful for you. have you ever seen foster care? you could love and shield a youngster, make contributions to the youngster's welfare, and a few foster mum and dad circulate directly to undertake. Are there infants already on your international-- distant kin, working example, who ought to learn out of your help and interest of their welfare? Adoption is barely one thank you to rejoice with the delight of helping a baby improve up--- there are others. i wish your objectives on your very own happiness in existence come genuine.

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    It depends on what state you were born in and placed...and where your son was born and placed...If you edit your answer with that information I will try and point you in a direction to start. Best of luck

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    Actually you can look for your son if he is 18...which he is if he was born in '89.

    Just want to clear up that bad misinformation.

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    What state? All states have a registry that you can put your name, date of birth and place of birth. You can search for your birth parents, but you cannot search for your child. They have to search for you.

    This is free!

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    Start by contacting Catholic Charities. As Christians, they are very caring and loving people. They should help you or point you in the right direction.

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