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how can we achieve true utopia?

In case some one does not know what Utopia is, it is a ideal community/society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system. And for years man has attempted to achieve utopia through various mean. The most notable being communism with its classless and stateless social structure to achieve equality. Which obviously fails for the most part due to a usual dictatorship and corruption which can be seen in countries today where communism presides in.

So basically my question is : How can we actually achieve a utopia? And/or what is utopia suppose to achieve?

People say that utopia is trying to create a perfect society. But what is a perfect society? Happiness for a few? Equality?

I don't know. Does that make any sense? And thanks in advance.


Is Social hierarchy an actual obstacle in achieving a Utopia?

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    I wrote about this in response to an article I saw about the 7th billion person being born this upcoming October. It's mainly showing us that population is a great obstacle in achieving our ideal world.

    "I’m not sure what to think of this. Take the “the more the merrier!” approach? Perhaps a more sophisticated, logical, fact-supported one? An artistic painting-in-your-head description of what the aftermath might look like? Or should I just “let fire!” and express my opinions, with the facts in consideration? In my opinion, a good “essay”, if you will, though this is not an essay rather merely a text post, combines these a variety of approaches with the criteria of having a facto-macto approach + both sides of the picture + painting-in-the-head of vibe + opinionated statements. That said, I will probably just use a few of these approaches on this post.

    Soooo, around 12 years ago, the world said “hello!” to a baby boy who just so happened to be the one of the first 6 billion babies. This upcoming October is expected to bring us the same moment, only this time we’ve hit the 7th billion mark. Though the gap between the 5 billion mark and the 6 billion mark, chronologically-speaking, was almost exactly the same, it horrifies me that despite the efforts on many individuals’ and certain organizations’ & groups’ behalf, we are unable to even slightly decrease the rate at which the world’s population is increasing, even by a year or so. We are not doing enough to reverse the ongoing and constant growth that our world oversees day-to-day in populations. I don’t think I should clarify that I am indeed not implying that the world is in dire need to be rescued right away or else we will all die *insert 2012 theme song*. Nor am I implying that the population increasing is a terrible thing and that we should all be ashamed of ourselves. No! We make our world, we help better it, so having more of us doesn’t necessarily have to put a smaller price tag on Earth. What I am saying, is for the time-being, we should try to achieve a much smaller, easier-to-manage, and easier-to-organize world. Some of us are thinking “big-big” and some “small-small”. Well, let me tell you, having big means having big inconveniences as well. Call me selfish but everytime a baby is born, we have less to go around. And I’m sure if we had more time on our hands, we’d be able to figure out a strategy to create a sustainable and functional economy, education system, medical plan for all, and sales system that would also include and allow time to recycle (everything, as in, it’s the law), encourage reusing, and reduce reduce reduce. And maybe, if we shrunk down to pop. of 4 billion (somehow) then we could rethink all our laws and reconsider our problems. Because, the thing is, we’re too busy running around working our tails off trying to earn a living (food, shelter, water, basic needs) that we’re not able to solve world hunger, unequal and unfair divisions of country’s wealth, racism, sexism, discrimination in general, deadly diseases, etc. If we shrunk down to 4 billion, then there would be more space for everyone to breathe and more people to teach a smaller amount of people (hence, them being able to concentrate and learn better) and more doctors to see a smaller number of patients (more chances of being cured if diagnosed properly). Discoveries are being delayed day-by-day and many are becoming almost impossible to do (e.g. Amazon animals going missing, can’t discover benefits of animal and cannot learn more about the world). If we had a “smaller” world, criminals and crimes would be more apparent, missing children and runaways so much more visible. I think having a smaller pop. would have quite an impact on medical discoveries as well. Having more time to solve things and more wealth means that we will be able to provide the research and money to be able to proceed with such an expedition such as finding a cure for Cancer. Anyway.

    I just think the world should reorganize itself and build up from a more tamable number of 4 billion or so than 7 billion."

    And yes, social hierarchy is definitely an actual obstacle in achieving a Utopia. Human greed is something impossible to alter, it's just there, human nature.

    Hope you enjoyed reading,


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    you know... people can t stop talking about Utopia. talk about whether it is even achievable- but the real answer is - I don t know. and you don t now. none of us knows. that is why we assume that well, it is unachievable.

    Honestly. I have read about Utopia a lot, I m sure that u as well. And yes, in order to have a perfect world we need perfect individuals that live there.

    And humans are animals anyways, we can t always think so highly of ourselves - meaning, that we have that animal inside us all the time, meaning that no matter what we will try to do with ourselves as humankind we will never be able to get rid of the jealousy , greed, hunger, negativity, desire of power and madness. we just can t. there for, no matter how hard we will try, something will happen. someone will go crazy. someone will always want more money and power. someone will steal and rape and kill. someone will rebel. some must do something, it is in his nature.

    so of course there are ways to tame someone, but I mean, it was already proven not to work. sooo many people have tried to achieve that perfection, and eventually, failed miserably, causing the death of too many people.

    so no. Utopia is just unachievable no matter how hard u try.

    (sorry for any grammar/spelling mistake, English is like my third language)

    I hope I helped! ( or at least what I wrote was interesting enough to read).

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    A perfect world! This brings to mind the historical Tower of Babel and why it was built. I think it represented all the dissension going on in the world, the separateness of nations and peoples. Atlantis also had that problem too, I read somewhere.

    Now, if you want peace and harmony in the world you need to begin with the individual, for the one represents the many. Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." What more can one add!

    For the individual to achieve peace and harmony within they must begin to explore their inner being. See:

    "The Purpose of Life" by Sogyal Rinpoche

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    It is impossible. Take the book "the giver" for example. We need the bad in life to truly appreciate the good. I would love less crime, a more stable and less corupt government, less poverty, etc. Those are just things we have to work at. Unfortunately utopia is not possible or even good for a society. But we can always create a utopia in our mind! Be happy with who you are, think about the good, and help out others less fortunate. :)

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    It is not possible, in order to have a perfect world all that inhabit it must be perfect and as any news program will show we are far from it.

    I read The Giver also whoever talked about that.

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