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Fun things to do in Berlin, Germany?

I'm going to Berlin in August and I was curious about what fun things there are to do their.

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    Well, going to see the Wall is a great experience, and (although fun isn't how I would describe it) taking the time to go see Auschwitz is something that I believe all people should do before they kick the bucket. The charlotteburg gardens are also pretty, but I guess it depends what time of year you go!

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    The Berlindom is a good Cathedral in Berlin, and actual between the most eye-catching issues i have ever considered. that's quite neat because you could bypass up and walk around the dome and word the city. The Reichstag, it really is the authorities construction, stocks this function in elementary with the cathedral, except the dome on the Reichstag is made up of glass. that's quite eye-catching at nighttime. i might want to also propose the Brandenburg Gate. that is an noticeably previous monument with all sorts of touristy issues on the interior. you would possibly want to also appreciate Checkpoint Charlie, which replaced right into a crossing element interior the Berlin Wall between east and west Germany. there's a ton of cool issues to verify and learn, and also you're able to purchase products of the Berlin Wall as souvenirs.

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    Fun is maybe... swim in a lake. Berlin has lots of them, and August is in the midst of summer. You can sunbathe or swim naked in designated areas, just don't be shy, there will be uglier people than you.

    Barbecue is also lots of fun, the whole of Berlin has a certain smell of charcoal during summer. Just find a park where the police won't chase you away, or be quicker to fire up the grill before they find you. They won't touch hot iron or aluminum.

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