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Why does the United States support Israel?

What about the Lavon Affair where Israel conducted a series of terrorist bombings against US and British targets in Egypt in the 1950's in order to blame the attacks on Arabs to keep the UK from cedeing control of the Suez Canal?

What about Israel's murderous and intentional attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 in which Israel used unmarked fighter jets and gun boats to murder 34 US Sailors in a failed attempt to sink the Liberty so that the US would think the attack was perpetrated by Egypt?

What about the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard who gave vital intelligence to Israel who then sold this intelligence to the Soviet Union to secure increased immagration quotas? The information Israel sold to the Soviet Union resulted in the deaths of 110 CIA Agents.

Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage - military, political, industrial, financial - against the US of any other nation in the world, and this from an ostensible "ally?"

My question is, what does the United States owe the Jewish so-called "State" that we allow them to constantly conduct covert warfare against us?

What do we get out of supporting Israel? And you cannot say that "they help us fight terrorism" because Israel is the cause of the terrorism perpetrated against the US, both as bloow back and as direct attacks (see above.)

There is also ample evidence which suggests that the Israeli Mossad was intimately involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Please don't call me an "anti-Semite" because I am concerned for the welfare of my country, you just sound ridiculous.

Again, what do we owe these people that we must endure their constant and merciless predations?

I will add as a note, that if the American people ever find out about the myriad crimes perpetrated against them by Israel (the above are just the tip of the iceberg), the Israelis will not have to worry about Iran, because Israel will have disappeared under 10 Million patriotic bootheels. I repeat, if Americans ever find out what Israel has done to them, Israel will vanish from the Earth.

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    You have some very good questions and historical facts.

    The USA does not owe anything to Israel, however, they have been instrumental in supporting the formation of Israel and have, therefore, a historic interest. Also, there is a vocal small minority of American citizens of Jewish faith, who are naturally inclined to support their brothers in faith in Israel. They have a strong lobby and understand extremely well the psychology of convincing people to agree with them. They are active in promoting their and Israel's interests with non-Jewish American politicians and the media.

    That's the background.

    Source(s): Historian
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  • BMCR
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    "...so that the US would think the attack was perpetrated by Egypt?"

    There is no evidence that this is the case.

    "...who then sold this intelligence to the Soviet Union to secure increased immagration quotas? The information Israel sold to the Soviet Union resulted in the deaths of 110 CIA Agents."

    There is also no evidence that this is the case.

    "Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage - military, political, industrial, financial ..."

    And your proof of this is? (And while we are at it, what is your basis of comparison that you can use the word MOST without qualification?)

    "There is also ample evidence which suggests that the Israeli Mossad was intimately involved in the 9/11 attacks."

    Actually, there is no evidence at all.

    "Please don't call me an "anti-Semite" because I am concerned for the welfare of my country, you just sound ridiculous."

    Yup, another case of the preemptive "please don't call me an antisemite".

    And to be honest, I don't think you should be lecturing anyone on "sounding ridiculous" considering what you have written here.

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  • 9 years ago

    You seem very confused.

    The liberty incident has been investigated by the US govt. Every single investigation agrees it was a case of accidental friendly fire. Even the spy tapes we made on Israel revealed they had no idea it was us they were shooting at.

    Pollard did not give any "sensitive" intel to Israel or the Soviets. He gave Israel info on Arab troop movements. We had promised to share that info and then reneged and he shared it anyway. It was wrong. It was a crime. But, we should be clear what it was.

    It is true that he was originally suspected of sharing the intel that killed US agents. But...

    1. He never had access to any of that intel.

    2. He was never found guilty of that

    3. Most importantly, we did catch and prosecute and convict the guy that WAS Guilty of THOSE crimes. His name was Aldrich Ames as was Robert Hanssen.

    If anyone calls you an anti-semite it is not because you are concerned about your country. It is because you are relying on false and distorted/biased "information" all of which is both incorrect and just happens to blame everything on Israel/Jews.

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  • C-Man
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    9 years ago

    There is ZERO evidence that the Mossad was involved with 9/11. And Israel is America's strongest ally in the Middle east- the only free and democratic society in the region. Unlike Hamas and Fatah, the Israeli military attempts to minimize civilian casualties.

    The state of Israel was established by the U.N. and is recognized by most nations of the world. In contrast, there currently is no official Palestinean state. And most of the territory that the Palestineans claim as their homeland is occupied by Jordan, not Israel.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    There is zero evidence to link Israel with 9/11, apart from blatant lies (like people who falsely claim no Jews were killed), and urban legends  which are twisting minor stories which were not related to the attacks, (like the innocent Israelis who were arrested because someone saw them filming the towers burning, not filing them being attacked, but they were seen setting up cameras after the attacks happened. They  then released because they had nothing to do with the attacks)

    @ chief. Jewish people are not all about making money. That a ridiculous thing to say, and typical of antiSemite who thinks everything is a Jewish conspiracy

    Jews would not let Jews die for profit and your Holocaust example is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. Schindler was able to do what he did because be did it covertly. He did not buy Jews freedom, he just let them work in his factories. Jewish people in nazi occupied Europe had all theur businesses, assets and money stripped of them. They did not run with their treasures, they were prevented from escaping . Jews of all backgrounds, rich or poor were killed. there actually was an attempt by Jews to buy others freedom, and 90000 were saved and moved to Israel. But Hitler then prevented that happening again

    How could they buy their freedom? How could they do anything like what Schindler did if they were not running factories like Schindler. You obviously have little understandig of the Holocaust, or you somehow think it was a Jewish conspiracy.

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  • Mark F
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    9 years ago

    The nice thing about propaganda like that you have presented above is that it is so easy to debunk. Take for example the USS Liberty incident about which you do not present a single accurate fact. For what it is worth, this is what actually happened:

    In June 1967 the NSA without notifying Israel or even U.S. 6th Fleet redirected the signals intelligence ship USS Liberty to operate just 12 instead of the planned 100 miles off the coast of Sinai, in a war zone and in a lane not used by commercial shipping & declared off-limits by Egypt (i.e. ONLY Egyptian warships were likely to be found there). At 6:00am on 6/8/67 an IDF patrol aircraft spotted the Liberty and reported her hull number GTR-5 to IDF Naval HQ where an hour later she was identified as an American ship and marked as a neutral ship on the manual plot (map) table with a wooden model. The problem with these old-school (pre-computer) manual plots is that they quickly become clogged with outdated and erroneous information and need to be cleared frequently. At 11:00am the watch changed at Naval HQ and the new crew followed procedure by CLEARING THE BOARD, but without bothering to check if the neutral ship was still present. They simply assumed it had moved on! While just one of the many mistakes made that morning by both sides this typically appalling lack of basic professionalism is what ultimately sealed Liberty's fate. So yes, while the accusation that the IDF knew what and where the USS Liberty was is true, it is also meaningless as after 11:00am everyone in Israel who knew what and where the Liberty was had gone to bed. For all practical purposes the Liberty had ceased to exist.

    1/2 hour later panicky IDF reservists at El Arish reported an explosion which they blamed erroneously on naval gunfire. The plotting board showed no neutral or friendly ships so the IDF assumed ANY ship in the area was hostile and the likely cause of this reported shelling. A flotilla of 3 Motor Torpedo Boats were dispatched (with considerable difficulty and delay) to intercept and approached just as Liberty was at the end of her "racetrack" patrol pattern and turning about back towards Egypt. The MTB commander interpreted this course change as an Egyptian warship turning to run for home so he pursued. Unable to catch the "fleeing enemy vessel" air support was called in and 2 flights of clearly marked fighters were diverted from their ground-attack missions to this effort. None of the pilots had any training in ship recognition or attack and were not properly armed for the job, having only guns and Napalm, not the rockets and delayed-action bombs one would use when PLANNING to attack a ship. The jets arrived, made a couple of passes at 3,000 feet altitude, saw no Israeli markings on the ship and therefore identified it as Egyptian - a Hunt or Z class destroyer. The ID was wrong but this was not their fault. They were looking for an Egyptian ship and for what little they knew about ships they had one. At 1:58pm the aircraft were cleared to attack, which lasted 14 minutes until one of the pilots recognized Latin, not Arabic markings on the now burning ship, radioed the information to IDF Air Force HQ and broke off. This information was then passed to IDF Naval HQ but this was 1967, there was a war going on and the WW2 surplus IDF communications system was clogged with a massive backlog of messages. It would take another 2 hours before the Navy knew what the Air Force already knew - that USS Liberty was not an enemy ship.

    25 minutes after the end of the air attack the MTB's finally caught-up the burning Liberty from astern and flashed a recognition signal. USS Liberty gave a vague reply and an (unauthorized) burst of machine gun fire. The MTB commander naturally interpreted this as an Egyptian ship fighting back so he attacked at 2:45pm with his elderly array of light guns & WW2 surplus torpedoes. 15 minutes into the attack while circling the Liberty one of the boats made out the hull number GTR-5 in Latin, immediately ordered a cease-fire and offered assistance. Hardly the actions of someone intent on sinking a ship he knew all along was American.

    Those that claim the attack was a deliberate attempt to sink a ship the Israeli's knew all along was American have never come up with a plausible motive. Neither can they explain how if the attack was deliberate it was so badly planned and coordinated using assets which were not up to the task, or why, when the opportunity to sink the Liberty presented itself the Israeli's not only failed to do so but stopped to offer assistance. If you take out the politics and anti-Jewish/Israeli sentiment and look at the facts what you have here is a bad case of mistaken identity with plenty of blame to share on both sides.

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  • 9 years ago

    Because Jews control the United States and that is quotes from Government of Israel. But Sense Jews control 95% of all Media you will not hear it like that.

    Logic Question: Why does less than 1% of the world's population want to control 100% of the worlds Media?

    To tell us the truth?

    I am about as "anti-Semite" as Jews are "anti Catholic" in Hollywood.

    I wish the Pope would say it is a Sin to keep your money in a Jewish Controlled Bank.

    That would boost Bank of Americas investment options.

    I want a Jewish Financial Holocaust. I am not a violent person.


    Jews would let jews die for profit. Look at Germany WW2. Innocent jews have been suffering for years because of the Bad Business Practices of the Jewish Zions.

    You do not think Jews could have bought some jews freedom? That German guy Schindler did....Hitler needed the money too. The Generals were corrupt too. Jews just ran with their treasures.

    Source(s): Google it.
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  • 9 years ago

    No, you're clearing an anti-semite because you tell lies like this "Israel is the cause of the terrorism perpetrated against the US."

    Islam is the cause of terrorism carried out against the US. Period. You can lie and spin and twist reality.. but none of the propaganda your imam gives you can change simple reality. It's Muslims who are attacking us, not Jews.

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  • 9 years ago

    You are right about these events. The reason is reliigous. The Rapture. The same reason America attacked Iraq under Bush.

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