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Why does god throw all these challenges on my family?

I'm 18 and I live in Brooklyn in a harsh neighborhood. First I'll begin with my beliefs. When I was younger, I didn't believe in god even though I was baptized and christian born. Lately I've been feeling more spiritual with myself and even though I didn't believe in god, I still read about Christianities history and laws (due to my huge interest in history). Now, I don't fully believe in god (although I do believe in a single 'energy' up there) but I still follow many of his laws and try to keep my sins to a minimum (even small things such as not littering). I was always a kind kid always wanting to help people and just have friends and find love. However, because of the harshness of my area I was led to drug abuse and scams (although they weren't as extreme level as most of my surrounding people). I;ve been praying for my safety and my moms safety. In return, I had my car vandalized for $10,000 of damages (because of one of my friends actions), last week again all my tires were slashed (again because of something other people did) and I can't do much about it, even though I never meant the people that did this to me any harm or scams. On top of that, a year before, my dad had an affair with my mom and left us, took almost everything we had from us, and left us in bankruptcy. Its just me and my mom living in a rented apartment with low on money and my mom is trying extremely hard to find a job. She's been having health problems because of the seperation and her emotions are getting worse rapidly because she's losing hope of finding a job and our cash reserves are running very low and I pray for the best, mostly for my mom even before myself. In my junior high school and high school years, I never had friends and instead everybody would always make fun of me because I couldn't properly adapt, instead of partying I would stay home and read about politics, military, history, and music because those were my interests but everybody around me thought otherwise. I never had a girlfriend because I never was the type of guy to have sex with a girl and leave them or play around with their emotions because love around here is just a game, and all the girls that I liked have rejected me always. As for my drug abuse, I do them significantly less as before and been trying to just get away from everyone I know for a while now, because theres no trust here at all between people that I've even known for years, which led to my car being vandalized more then twice and other instances which cause a high alert for me and my mom, which naturally makes my street experience rise. Me and my mom go to church every now and then and I still like to talk with god and ask him for help, but everything just seems to get worse, that I only have enemies around and no real friends, not me nor my mom. I don't think I've ever sinned so much to deserve all this and I ask for forgiveness for anything bad that I've done. I heard that karma usually hits hard for something my family has done before, but this is too much, will god ever help us? I just have no clue where else to turn too.


I do understand the Buddist view, hence when I mentioned I feel more spiritual, including medetation and small things such as aura views, however my desires aren't big, only wanted to have real friends and grow up in my country but I moved here at an early age. Ofcourse I know to solve problems myself (especially with my street experience), I help my mom any way I can and drive her around all around the city to look for jobs. Me and my mom do talk about this being by the devil, that its him trying to take over.

Update 2:

@ kd - Thank you, I was hoping for someone to say this. When I go to church I sometimes want to cry because of the kindness of the people in the church and knowing that there are less and less kindness out there, but its good to know there are still people out there willing to help even with prayers.

@ BM - I never said I live in a poor neighborhood, I live in a harsh neighborhood. Criminality and ignorance is spreading at a rapid rate. And yes, I have an expensive car because I worked hard for it, what are you implying? As for drugs, it is 100% my fault I never said its anyone's else fault for this matter and Im not blaming anyone or taking this out on anyone. And yes, people do sustain health problems from someone leaving, emotianal stress leads to health problems. You never heard of people having heart attacks if their child went missing? or people committing suicide when their girl left them?

Update 3:

@ grandmother63 - Yes, I'm familiar with some of those passages. And it is true, a perfect example would be the history of my country, the USSR, was ruled without god, which led to eventual collapse. Many seem blinded today and resort to criminalism and are making our world worse. But we can't give up, for Earth is only the 1st stage of life for our souls.

Update 4:

Thank you all for your answers. We're not going to lose hope. We will continue praying and will pray for the ones that pray for us and thank you.

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  • soup
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    10 years ago
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  • 10 years ago

    my first question is if you live in a poor neighborhood and cant pay bills and such then why are you driving around a car that is worth enough to sustain $10,000 worth of damages? second, no one develops health problems from someone doing them wrong and leaving them. and lastly your drug problem is %100 your fault since you made the decision to use drugs. with that being said, God isnt doing any of this to you. it states in the bible he lets things be and he does not interfere with things on earth, that is simply just shitty people making things hard for you. if he were to do anything on earth or interfere with anything that would make void the point of free will. when people die they are judged upon the type of life they have lived and will be either rewarded or punished. if all you did was read and learn while other people partied and what not i dont see any reason why you shouldnt be able to figure out a way to get out of there, even if it takes a little bit of time.

  • 10 years ago

    You seen like one of the kindest people. Have you ever thought all your challenges have made into the person that you are? Jesus reached out to the poor not the rich. God promises that the rich may have the glory life here on earth but the children and poor that enter through the gates of heaven will receive the greatest award of all. I will keep you in my prayers. Love you. I hope everything becomes better for you and your mom :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Just so you know, God would never do anything bad to you, or harm you in anyway. This infact is the devil trying to tempt you. Im sure that right now your feeling like, well if God is going to do this to me then why should i even believe in him, or pray to him. and thats where the devil comes in. See its like a big competition between the two. The devil wants your soul, and so does God. So the devil throws things like this at you to tempt you, and try to pull you away from God. Just pray like everything, and keep your faith because sooner or later the devil will just give up! I hope that i helped!

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  • 10 years ago

    You have the internet, that is good, you can apply to online colleges, and being low income, you will qualify for a pell grant to pay for it. Search around to see which one will help with job placement for you when you are done, and then use that to get you and your mom out of there. Keep staying away from the people you know only bring you trouble. No matter what, try to keep focused on the fact that there is a way out, you just have to work for it. Peace be with you, and may you get out of there soon.

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    10 years ago


    Have a look at James 1:13 and 1 John 5:19, as well as John 14:30.This will answer your questions properly.

    Kind regards, Günter

    Source(s): The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
  • 10 years ago

    Keep in mind we're living in the lasy days as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-5. Also remember, use your challenges to endure because endurence gives you strenght. That's what the Bible says

    Source(s): I'm one of JWs
  • 10 years ago

    He might be teaching you humility! This is the time to grow in the knowledge of God. Stay in the Word and seek after him, now more than ever.

    When we get side tracked, sometimes God knocks us back in line, but we need to pick up the pieces of our actions!

    James 1:2-4

    “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”(NKJV)

  • 10 years ago

    You will be able to get through this much easier if you view your struggles in life as "problems you can correct", instead of "problems that god forced onto me".

    God isn't real.

    Your problems are your own (even if you don't deserve them)

    Prayers are nothing more than begging, your problems won't go away until you fix them!

    NEVER rely on an entity you have not, and will not, ever see to solve your problems for you.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I got to "I don't fully believe in God", and stopped. God hasn't thrown any challenges at your family. You've been excelling at serving Satan, and he generally repays his people by ignoring them, or if he feels like it, by playing with your mind. Since you are one of his, and likely to remain so, God would have no interest in meddling in your lives. God does not interfere with the affairs of men during these final days. Except, that He will give grace to help His own. That isn't you, so don't worry about it.

    Source(s): KJV Bible
  • MzDemc
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    God lets things happen because we are sinful and turn from Him. The devil is really responsible for you misery. Once you turn you whole self over to Jesus and walk the walk the devil cannot touch you unless you corrupt yourself again with sin.

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