How to start an adoption agency?

I live in the state of Iowa and was wondering what steps I need to take in order to open up an adoption agency. I am adopted and I truly believe that I am meant to help in this way.

Has anyone done this? What laws are involved?

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    10 years ago
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    Step 1 Write down the mission of your agency in the community you intend to serve and explain how your agency adoptions work. Clearly define where cats are fostered, how the adoption process works and how you will let people know how to adopt.

    Step 2 File articles of incorporation with the secretary of state. Include the mission of the agency with the bylaws in the appropriate "mission" section and place the adoption process in the bylaws showing how the organization functions. You may file articles online and pay appropriate filing fees with a credit card.

    Step 3 Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website or by calling 800-829-4933. Once you have the EIN, request non-profit exemption by filing Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption with the IRS. Once approved, a letter is sent that states you are exempt of federal taxes under IRS Code 501(c)(3).

    Step 4 Contact your local animal control, Humane Society and ASPCA office to determine the state laws for housing cats for adoption. The Humane Society has operational guidelines easily outlined for you to incorporate into your agency's bylaws and facility design.

    Step 5 Coordinate with local veterinarians who are willing to endorse your organization and offer free or reduced price services. Many animals will come in hurt, neglected or sick and require immediate medical attention. Most cat adoption agencies also require new owners to spay or neuter all animals.

    Step 6 Apply for grants to support the organization's purpose. Look to your Small Business Administration for resources, as well as national organizations that support animal rights. These might include the National Pet Alliance or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    Step 7 Hold fundraisers and cat adoptions at local parks and community events. Think creatively when it comes to raising funds or seeking sponsorship from large corporations, small pet stores and community businesses. Don't forget the smaller events that bring community members together, such as bake sales or pet picture day.

    Step 8 Find a building to house the animals while searching for a new home. If there isn't enough funding to launch the agency in your own building, start with foster parents who volunteer to house animals until a suitable new owner is found.

    Step 9 Renovate the space to provide private kennels, play areas and health services areas for cat care. Floors should slope slightly with drainage for easy cleaning and there should be heat and air conditioning for climate control. Each cat needs at least nine square feet, according to the Humane Society, and sick animals must be given separate areas. There should be no more than 15 adult cats per 10- by 15-foot room, with a separate room used for sick animal isolation.

    Step 10 Prepare each kennel with a litter box, water and food bowls. Maintain one cat to a kennel except for mothers who are nursing kittens.

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    I would not advise it. At all. It's plenty of labor, authorized papers, and it is going to look untrustworthy due to the fact that you are doing it from your dwelling. Adoption isn't anything that are supposed to take location in any individual's kitchen.

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