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Will it come to this vs "the unholy alliance" that runs our nation and world?

The Illuminati know that Obama lost control of Homeland Security a while ago and that it has gone to decentralized authority, with agents all over the nation making independent decisions while networking with other agents doing the same. Where there is any danger in radicalism left at masjids, they are still there, but the rest of the agents left so they could begin spying on and tracking the Illuminati terrorist organization instead.

Working with HS, will members of the United States military - who are sworn to defend their nation and Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic - have to stage a quasi-coup in America to arrest Obama and several members of his administration, some high-ranking Congress members, and even some of their superior officers in the military?

If they do, will you support them and Congress turning over the executive powers to an interim Congressional committee made up of non-Illuminati Congress folk?

Will they be able to do this in time to stop the Illuminati from launching their "new Pearl Harbor" with the 450 stolen Russian missiles? (They plan to blame it on Iran so we can invade and start WWIII). (nothing in this story but official statements indicates 450 missiles were destroyed - no huge destruction reported)

Rumor has it they are planning the attack for July 4, or in other words, in four days from now.

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    Goofy assumption of facts simply nowhere in evidence anywhere in any way, shape or form!

    Homeland Security is headed by an American woman, Janet Napolitano, who is a former well-liked governor of the state of Arizona---a tough, no-nonsense woman who immediately stepped up inspections of all vehicles crossing our borders instead of the "random few" that had been the Bush/Cheney policy. Check out her website, accessible through, for the details of her tenure thus far---you will be favorably impressed if you are capable of having an open mind.

    As to the ever-elusive "illuminati" (boogiemen, to 3-year-olds having nightmares), the GOP-colluding corporate fatcats and big-oil CEOs that try to BUY elections in order to spoiled-brat prevent any consumer protections or government oversight (Klein, 2007) have proven themselves to be far more dangerous for this nation. Going even further, the far-right-wing psycho-pseudo "religious" CULT The Family, a.k.a., C Street House, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, YWAM, National Prayer Breakfast, etc. (Sharlet, 2008, 2010) that took control of the Republican party in the late 1970s and all during the alzheimered Reagan days is bent on government OVERTHROW from INSIDE THE POLITICAL SYSTEM at every single level (local, state, and federal) is a domestic threat to this nation and the principles upon which she was founded (read Goldberg, 2006).

    Read up on the New START Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty wherein weapons-grade nuclear materials are being slowly downgraded to fuel-grade ( Take a chill pill...and stop watching Faux "news" or its affiliates.

    Source(s): Goldberg, Michelle (2006), "Kingdom Coming: The Rise of 'Christian' Nationalism." W.W. Norton. Klein, Naomi (2007), "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism." Sharlet, Jeff (2008), "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power" and (2010), "C Street: The Threat To American Democracy."
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    The problem is that a lot of our military forces are not U.S. Citizens and are serving as an aid towards citizenship.

    With the government not abiding by the Constitution,they may use the military against the people.

    Why do you think they have been trying harder since Bill Clinton to get guns banned?

    I would support the military stepping in in defense of the Constitution and prevent the establishment of a world government and reestablishing the democratic republic that we are supposed to have.

    If they don't,then it will be up to the people to take up arms against the government.

    The Bible says the world government will come to be because the people will do nothing to stop it.

    Source(s): My post is based on facts,I have not heard or seen anything of a July 4th. attack.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Preposterous! The attack won't take place for years. And the military's in on it--Obama forged his birth certificate so he could become Commander-in-Chief, after all!

    Source(s): Card-carrying member of the Illuminati. Carry on, peasant.
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  • 9 years ago

    today we shall see this will it be real or not. The unholy alliance must be broken to ensure US to live once more at least for a while for they can never be extinct

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  • R. C.
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    9 years ago

    If they actually did do that, I'd support them.

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