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COD 4 multiplayer tips, please?

For months, I have tried searching for a proper COD 4 setup [I know COD 4 was released in 2007,and it's 2011 now, but I was only 11 then and I used to play with cute Barbie thingies]. Then the latest patches. Then how to get iw3mp.exe to work.

Now, these problems have been solved and I have finally been able to make the multiplayer game work.

However, I am now faced with another problem- I AM A NOOB. [Oh, the humiliation! :'(]

Yeah, I suck at multiplayer games. I have played every single COD on regular difficulty [yeah, I know regular is for sissies], and I'm not used to playing with pros.

In TDMs, I get some 14 kills, 6 assists, and 67 deaths; while the no.1 rankers get some 157 kills and 34 deaths. :(


So, please. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with some gaming tips and pro advice so I can become a better player. Thank you very much.

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    M16 Red dot sight + stopping power.

    You're welcome.

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    dont run recklessly.

    camp for a couple moments if needed.

    use a silencer.

    if your getting spawn-killed, leave the game because you probably joined in a bad lobby where other people ragequitted so you have to take their mess.

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