Muscles cant relax at night?

Lately I cant get a good night sleep, I'll be tired but some of my muscles will feel stressed and unable to relax.

Last night was my feet, then when I woke up this morning my back felt sore.


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    9 years ago
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    Well, just based on what you said, I had the same problems, just sore body.I contributed this to to many years in the paratroopers( infanrty ) physical labor at work, daily routine's, age and time caught up, than, someone told me , my wife, a registered nurse, eat two banana's a day, one in the morning, and one prior to going to bed, they contain plenty of potasium, which helps relax the muscles, and takes 30-45 minutes to kick in. I started to notice a big difference in a couple of days, though, now I sometimes don't do it every day. Also, been taking muti-vitamins, that have every vitamin, that can be purchased almost any drug store,grocery store, walmart,K-mart,etc., but, if the problem persists,and worsens, may want to consider seeing your family doctor, and have him run tests and check you out, may be something your not aware of, such as a old injury, or you may of lifted something,causing a strain, or a quick twist or turn, try the banana's and vitamins, if you just think it's sore, and see your doctor

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