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Doesn't hearbreak suck?

Once again, women have proven themselves the same.

My recently ex girlfriend and I told each other everything--the experiences with love we'd already had and what good and bad had come out of them. She assured me that she was better, she's not one of those crazy girls who falls head over heels for a complete scalawag and when a nice guy comes along, she tosses him by the wayside.

I made the dumb, dumb mistake of believing her.

Last night she told me she loved me, and that I was perfect for her, but she didn't feel comfortable having someone around who really loved her and cared for her and did things for her. We broke up last night after I made an impossible work schedule happen and made an 8-hour drive to here with a volatile car, just to see her for this short weekend.

Why is it so hard for women to accept what love is? Why is it that a good-hearted, well-intentioned person gets thrown by the wayside for no good reason? Sure, I didn't want her to fake things and hold on to me, I'm glad she didn't try that method out, but what led to her discomfort in the first place? Why does this happen to me all the time?

It's like I'd have it easier if I was a complete scalawag and just didn't care.

Ladies? Any thoughts on why so many of you are like this?

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    Gosh, I am sick of questions like this. Just because you've had bad experiences with girls, doesn't mean all of us are bad. :\ I've had bad experiences with guys, but do you see me acting like every single one of them are the same? NO! I for one like a nice guy. Why the hell would I want a douche bag who doesn't even care about me? Seriously, maybe you should figure yourself out first. Assuming that all girls are like this is pretty douchey in and of itself, you know. You don't sound very nice to me, honestly.

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    There us a sought threat he too will omit you and elect the relationship lower back. although, what you're doing does not help every person. adult adult males tend to no longer elect to get lower back with females that are completely misplaced without them. practice some independence and see some acquaintances or carry out with yet another guy. it's going to help you recognize there are various extra large human beings available which will help you in a difficulty like this. as quickly as you have calmed down, in keeping with threat attempt chatting along with your ex approximately what handed off and why/whilst did his thoughts replace. stay sturdy lady, if he does not come lower back you will discover yet another guy in basic terms as sturdy if not extra constructive. experience extra constructive Hun. i comprehend the form you experience.

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    Im 18 and I literally am stone hearted like when I broke up with a boy that I knew since were 1 week old my other best friend I knew since we were babies liked him so I guess I let her have him that was when we were 15 now they, look like they could get married. But they fight alot too

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    In our youth nice guys finish last with the ladies but as you get older that all changes as women get smarter and more experienced in life.

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