Do you need a fence if you have a pool that is 12x39 in the city of philadelphia?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Construction Services Division

    Municipal Services Building - Concourse Level

    1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102



    For pools and spas accessory to an

    Existing One Family Dwelling.

    Above-Ground Swimming Pool

    An above-ground swimming pool permit can be applied for on-line through our fast form permit application process or by applying in person at one of our L&I District Offices.

    Basic Requirements

    A permit is required for all above-ground pools of 12 feet or greater in maximum dimension. 

    The pool, accompanying structure and equipment must not be located in the front or side yard.

    The pool may not be within two feet of any property line or structure on the lot.

    The pool may have an access platform of up to 50 square feet included as part of this permit. The required guardrail around the platform must be at least 36" high and may have a maximum opening of 4".

    Pool water must be properly treated and free of scum, debris, and foreign matter. Discharge water must not create a nuisance to an adjoining property.

    Requirements can be found in Section 3109 of the Philadelphia Building Code

    Application Process

    Apply on-line by completing the fast form permit application form or complete an application and take it to one of the L&I District Office locations.

    Prior to installation of the pool, call the HYPERLINK "" \l "dist" L&I District Office in your area to schedule an appointment at your residence with a building inspector. Do not use the pool until its construction has been approved. Once approved, you can contact the Philadelphia Water Department at 215-685-6300 to obtain permission to use a fire hydrant to fill your pool.

    Safety Regulations

    Per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 350 children under the age of 5 drown each year in residential swimming pools. The majority of the victims lived in the residence. Please adhere to all safety precautions listed in the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    The pool must have a barrier at least 48-inches in height, with self-closing and latching gates that swing away from the pool.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Do your research, but if your ordinance is worded anything like ours is, you will be in for some sticker shock. Ours requires a fence around ANY pool. The fence must be a minimum of 5' high, the gate must swing out from the yard, and must be able to be secured from the inside. The enforcement of our ordinance has not been very strict in the past, so when I had a pop up pool like yours, there was never a concern. The Public Works department and the Police department both mentioned it to me, but it's a small town and they weren't too particular. Technically, it is classified as an attractive nuisance. If a child did manage to get into your pool and drowned, and there was no fence, your homeowners insurance very likely would fight you about a claim. Unfortunately you can't point to other pools that haven't been tagged yet as a reason to not have to put a fence up. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't live there but it's a good idea to add a fence around the pool.

    Don't want kids playing near a pool where there's no fence to keep them from drowning.

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